Angry with Men



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drop cap This is Father’s Day and this should be a letter about men and how great they are, but it is more about “frustration with fathers”. I have been angry with men recently, a little more than normal. If you are a women reader, you might have been angry with a man/men for a long time. Men mess up, and we continue to.
Let’s start at the top of the pyramid. Are you a little disappointed about Trump being the best man we can come up with for the coming election? I am. I am conservative but when I watch the news sometimes, it is comical. The sad thing is that we want transparency in our leaders and when they show who they are, there is little substance. I am disappointed in the electorate, our political parties and all the men who head those committees who donate to our candidates. I have no idea who will win the election, but I will still be angry.

I am not sexist here. I have had many outstanding female bosses in my 50 year work history. Hillary just isn’t one of them and if she is elected we are going to get more of the same from Washington. I don’t want to go down that list of governmental gripes, but instead get back to my list of men I am angry with.

I am upset with all the men out there going and killing people. The atrocities in Orlando were devastating and there is no easy solution to the problem. Taking away guns will not stop the evil or the mental. It is men that we need to stop and it is very sad when I say I am beginning to get desensitized to the violence, and I don’t even play video games!

It is Father’s Day, and too many men bail on the family. As a social worker dealing with abuse, domestic violence, and poverty, I hear some of the worst stories about men. These are not new stories. Jesus complained about a bunch of “vipers” and yes, you guessed it, they were men, religious leaders. Time and time again, it was men who got in Jesus’s face and yes, they crucified Him too!

Because of lust, selfishness, or the defective nature of dads, they are the cause of most divorce. I don’t have statistics, but a boat load of anecdotal evidence. My father was an OK guy, but he too jumped ship and left my mom, me, and three younger brothers when I was about 18. He loved to talk the talk about family, but at the end of the day, he was unable to walk the walk. If you are looking for a perfect father, Jesus is where your eyes need to go.

My space is limited, so I can only take to task a limited number of men, so let’s look at the church. Jesus chose men to start and grow the church in the Book of Acts, and our dysfunctional disciples stepped up to the challenge.

Men in the church today fall short and the rooster crows again, and again and again….It was very wise that Jesus used a chicken to rebuke Peter, the future leader of the New Testament Church. Men often are cowards in the church. Because of their sin, they are too scared to show up on Sundays. Also, because of the sin of pride, men do a lot of crowing, but the end result is not unity in the church, but division.

Brother Paul, in Romans 15:5, wants us to endure and encourage each other so we can disagree in love. The result will be unity and God glorified, but men behaving badly creates chaos, in the garden and now today.

Last, but maybe it contributes to all of the above, are men in the media make me mad! Too often, in comedy and films, men are portrayed as less than competent, caring, or able to cope. The media gives so many negative messages about men, it seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Not just the portrayal of men in fiction, but the fact is that the media likes to attack men.

When man makes a mistake, it is often front page news. If he does something worthwhile or powerfully positive, it gets ignored or buried in the last pages.

If you are a man, step up, show up and stop it! If you want a better world, we need to begin in our own backyard…don’t blame Washington. Enough said. Happy belated Father’s Day, if you bothered to show up!


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