Angel Esparza is Calexico’s January Artist

Artist Angel Esparza poses in front of his “Mi Calexico” showcase.

CALEXICO — Kicking off the new year, local artists submitted their work in hopes of being chosen as the first 2017 Calexico Arts Commission artist of the month. Among the many contributors, Angel Esparza was the artist the Arts Commission chose to display in the Carmen Durazo Cultural Arts Center for the month of January.

Family, friends and art enthusiasts attended Angel’s photography exhibit January 12 to view many of his pieces such as “Moments with Angel” and “City with Angel.”

His photographs depict the many locations that locals travel in Calexico, displaying the city’s subtleness as one of the most popular destinations in the Imperial Valley.

“I wanted to submit this art work to be displayed because I wanted to give the viewers a more personal connection to the art work as they relate to the moments of beauty I have captured that our town has to offer,” Esparza explained.

Among Esparza’s other art works, he displayed the Calexico water tower bathed in several different lights. The artist said he feels connected to the significance of this water tower because of its iconic image that represents the city of Calexico.

The main attraction for the evening was Esparza’s photography based on human hands. In the photos, he depicted hands doing a number of different activities like riding a motorcycle entitled “El Eddie” — a  man who has become a sort of local celebrity as he rides around the streets of Calexico on his chopper. One of the other hand subjects is titled “Musician” and shows a close up of a man playing a guitar.

“I became real connected with the idea of hands for this art exhibit,” said Esparza. “I feel it was a great way to open people’s eyes to the possibilities that they can achieve by the use of their hands and how diverse people can be from their passions.”

One of the other pieces of work that was displayed in the exhibit is the “Mi Calexico Journal” that was put together by Esparza and his colleagues; a weekly journal of stories around Calexico to keep them informed on local events happening around the townsfolk.

Esparza stated he will continue to work in the art field with hopes of inspiring local residents to take pride in their town and become active members of the community.

“El Eddie”