Andrade’s Lawyers file motion for change of venue

Andrade’s Lawyers file motion for change of venue



Defense attorneys for alleged suspect, Martin Gabriel Andrade, accused of fatally stabbing Brawley teen Martin Alberto Garza in January 2013, has asked for the murder trial to be removed from the Imperial Valley.

The motion was filed Wednesday at the county Superior Court citing prejudicial pretrial publicity caused by the many events covered in the news and organized by MAG, Mothers and Men Against Gangs. The MAG organization was started by Garza’s parents as a way to remember their son and to educate the county about gang violence prevalence.

The defense argued that seating an unbiased and fair jury would be difficult if not impossible to do considering the number of events held county wide by the MAG Coalition and the media coverage has reached everywhere possibly prejudicing potential jurists.




  1. It’s been several years. If the defense attorney only delays this a few more years maybe all the witnesses will either move away or be unable to get to San Diego or San Bernardino where the trial is and this killer will get off.

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