Almost Like It’s Fall


footballThere was a lot of good football last weekend.

From the looks of fans in some stadiums, it seems like the return of gridiron action has brought with it, something I’ve mostly only heard of,  fall. Yes, in some parts of the country, people are actually wearing jackets and hats while yours truly, here in Texas, is still comfortable in shorts and flip-flops! Still, while the weather isn’t cooperating, the gridiron action (and my calendar) tells me we are well on our way to another fantastic season of football and this past weekend was a wonderful example, both in the NCAA and the NFL.


In case you, somehow, missed it, this year’s college football game of the century happened Saturday in College Station, Texas. While I weiss7s-1-webknow I wrote here last week that Johnny Manziel had ruined college football for me, my wife doesn’t have the same problem—which means I ended up watching most of the game. I suppose, from an excitement standpoint it lived up to the hype.


From a football execution standpoint, however, it was sorely lacking. I was really confused about how neither team could play defense. Certainly, Manziel is a good player but I can’t believe he’s so good he can put up close to 600 yards of total offense against what’s supposed to be one of the best defenses in college football. Then there was Tide quarterback AJ McCarron who looked a lot like Manziel, throwing at will against the porous Aggie defense. There is certainly plenty of evidence that the offensive football minds have progressed past the defensive minds, but Saturday’s game seemed a bit ridiculous. I am hopeful that the defenses catch up sometime soon—as I do enjoy offense, but it’s even more enjoyable when it’s coming against a nice stout defense.


san-diego-chargersGood stuff going on in the NFL too. The San Diego Chargers beat the Philadelphia Eagles and the world roared like the Bolts had won the Super Bowl. I think a lot of people might be forgetting that Philadelphia is a team that missed the playoffs last year and fired their coach after winning just four games. Sure it’s exciting that they got a much-hyped new coach and they do have some good players, but the Eagles are the kind of team most NFL teams should beat. But, then again, so are the Chargers.


Of course the NFL’s ‘game of the year’ last week was the so-called Manning Bowl, the much-hyped showdown between Eli and Peyton1379290888000-xmb3 Manning (and also the New York Giants and the Denver Broncos – don’t forget, it is a team sport!) Older brother Peyton got the best of his kid brother Eli. While the younger Manning passed for more yards, he also threw four picks—which were certainly a big reason his team lost. It didn’t seem to me, though, that Eli was really at fault for his team losing. The Broncos are a far superior team to the Giants and I’m guessing if the two Mannings swapped sides, Eli might very well come out on top of Peyton. Still, as far as games of the century go, it will do. At least until the next one.