Alamorio Store: Brawley Bar and Country Store sizzles up steak night

Bill Muse, owner of the Alamorio Store, slices fresh cuts of beef for Steak Night goers.

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BRAWLEY — The Alamorio Store, located at 860 CA-78, is a bar and country store located east of Brawley that hosts “Steak Night” every Monday. Customers are encouraged to come and enjoy a night full of fun, friends, and grilling.

Bill Muse, the Alamorio Store owner, has been hosting steak night for the past 17 years. He slices a fresh-cut of meat as his customers walk in, and then they season and grill the steak to their own tastes.

“I just keep cutting as I see them come in. I hand it off and let them handle the rest,” said Muse.

Some customers travel from Yuma, to attend steak nights at the Alamorio, with several of them attending the weekly grilling religiously without missing a beat.

Guadalupe Lee, a first-time customer to the Alamorio’s steak night, said she enjoyed grilling her own steak Monday night.

“I love it. I think it’s better, because you know what you’re doing and you know what you’re getting,” said Lee.

After receiving their cuts of meat, customers can go to the salad bar where they season their beef and prepare a side salad. They then proceed outside to a large custom-made, wood fire grill, where they can cook their ribeyes as long – or as little – as they want.

Margarita Carpio, a regular customer, expressed her delight at the large-portioned cuts.

“Where can you get a steak dinner the way you like it at a low price? Even at the Town Pump, you don’t get a steak like that,” said Carpio.

Although not many restaurants will allow individuals to season and grill their own steaks, several Alamorio goers claimed only the individual knows how to cook a steak to their own liking.

Muse said he intends to hand off the beefy bar to his daughter and son-in-law this upcoming January, as he plans to retire with his wife and co-owner. According to Muse, his son-in-law will keep the tradition of Monday Steak Nights.

“He said he doesn’t plan on changing much. I hold a man to his word, and I hope to see the steak nights continue,” said Muse.

After 17 years of steak nights and Bud lights, Muse said he is ready to pass the torch to his daughter and son-in-law with hopes that they will keep to traditions and keep the grill going.


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