Lideres Campesinas

Sacramento — Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella) was proud to honor Líderes Campesinas as the 56th Assembly District Nonprofit of the Year. Several campesinas including Executive Director Suguet Lopez traveled to Sacramento to receive recognition at the 4th Annual California Nonprofits Day Ceremony, said a press release from the office of Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia.

“It is my privilege to recognize Líderes Campesinas as our 56th Assembly District Nonprofit of the Year. For over 30 years they have mobilized women within our farm-worker community; developing them as leaders and empowering them to become agents of positive change through grassroots organizing,” said Assembly Member Garcia. “This award is an excellent opportunity to highlight the tremendous accomplishments and unique mission of these campesinas.”

Líderes Campesinas, originally known as "Mujeres Mexicanas" (Mexican Women), began in the eastern Coachella Valley in 1988 and develops leadership among campesinas to initiate social and economic change throughout the farm-worker community. The organization is modeled by and for campesinas. The approach emphasizes capacity building, democratic decision-making, advocacy, peer training, leadership development, as well as mobilizing methods such as house meetings, arts, and theatrical presentations at community venues. The organization has since grown to operate thirteen chapters across the state engaging in awareness programming to promote education, prevent violence, and build healthy communities.

Each year, California legislators are invited to choose a Nonprofit of the Year in their district and celebrate the organization at the California Nonprofits Day Luncheon. This event, organized by the California Association of Nonprofits, started in 2016 in order to feature the important role nonprofits play within California.

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