IVVGA announces scholarship opportunities

IMPERIAL COUNTY — Imperial Valley Vegetable Growers Association (IVVGA) funds scholarships for Imperial Valley high school graduates who are majoring in the field of agriculture and are attending a four-year university. IVVGA believes the future of the industry is dependent upon young leadership, and they hope that the scholarship recipients return to the Imperial Valley to pursue a career in the agricultural industry, according to a press release.

As in years past, IVVGA continues to fund scholarships, with 12 students benefiting in 2020. The impressive students who received those scholarships left the Valley to attend universities in California, such as Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Cal Poly, Pomona, California State University, Fresno, and the University of California-Davis. Some ventured farther away to the University of Arizona, Oklahoma State University, New Mexico State University, and Kansas State University.

IVVGA’s 45th Annual Stag BBQ will not be held this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the annual barbeque is meant to show appreciation for the produce industry, local students majoring in an agricultural field benefit from the event in terms of scholarship funds. IVVGA is still accepting donations that will be awarded to Imperial Valley students studying agriculture. If you would like to contribute to the scholarship fund, contact Shelby Dill at shelby@ivvga.com.

The funds for the IVVGA Imperial Valley Produce scholarship were raised by donations to the scholarship fund from Helena Agri-Enterprises, McNeece Brothers Oil, Top Notch Seed, and Clayton’s Drain Tile Maintenance. For the fourth year, the membership of IVVGA had the option to make a voluntary donation with their membership renewal, with over 80 percent of them contributing to the scholarship fund. IVVGA wished to everyone that has and continues to donate to the fund.

In addition to the scholarship offered by IVVGA, the Imperial County Farm Bureau (ICFB) has several scholarships available to local students, and in 2020 provided $56,000 to Imperial Valley residents studying agriculture.

To apply for an IVVGA scholarship, complete the application found on www.ivvga.com/scholarships. Applications are due April 16. To apply for an ICFB scholarship, complete the application on www.icfb.net/icfb-scholarships. ICFB applications are due April 9.

IVVGA looks forward each year to awarding the scholarships. The future of agriculture is bright because of these students, according to IVVGA Executive Director Shelby Dill.

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