Imperial City Council

Mayor Geoff Dale and Imperial City Council discussed and decided to remove the item on the agenda that dealt with the sharing of the Imperial Valleys water supply.

IMPERIAL - The Imperial City Council and members of the community gathered at Imperial’s City Council Chambers on October 17 for its monthly meeting.

The major topic on the agenda was water, more specifically, the Imperial Valley Coalition for Fair Sharing of water addressed Mayor Geoff Dale and the rest of the City Council with hopes of convincing them to join their the amicus brief with the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) in their water lawsuit against the El Centro Farmer Mike Abatti.

Even though this as been a consuming topic in Imperial Valley’s local agriculture community, the Imperial City Council deemed fit to remove the item from the  agenda because they felt it was not something they needed to move forward with at the time.

“We have discussed the situation. What is being asked of the City Council at this time, we do not feel that we need to press this issue and have decided to remove it from today’s agenda,” said City Council member Darrell Pechtl.

Despite the item being removed from the action agenda at the meeting, a few people came forward to speak on their position. One who spoke on the topic was local farmer and president of the Imperial County Farm Bureau, Tom Brundy.

“To begin I do respect the decision to remove this item from your agenda today, but I still like to urge Mayor Geoff Dale and the rest of Imperial’s City Council to try and look more into this matter and see if the sharing of water would negatively effect our communities, so this issue could potential get resolved in a way that is agreeable by both parties involved,” said Brundy.

Proceeding the discussion, the coalition took their leave from the chambers and allowed the City Council to vote on the remaining items on the agenda.


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So….Fair Sharing of Water would negatively affect our communities??

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