Thousands Served Tamales and Hot Coffee at 37th Annual Farm Workers Breakfast

File Photo: Industrial Relations Specialist at Center for Employment Training El Centro Mario Renteria serves tamales to many.

Imperial County will say thank you to its many hardworking farm workers at the 40th annual Farm Workers Appreciation Breakfast. The event has transformed from simply "coffee and sweet bread" to a full breakfast consisting of tamales, beans, salsa, sweet bread, and coffee, which are served to more than 3,000 farm workers in the early morning before they go to work.

Organized by the Employment Development Department (EDD) in Imperial County, the breakfast is sponsored by the Center for Employment Training (CET), the city of Calexico, the Calexico Chamber of Commerce, the Mexican Consulate in Calexico, and the Farm Worker Services Coalition of Imperial County (FWSCIC). EDD Director Patrick W. Henning will be coordinating the breakfast.

The event also is sponsored by the local agricultural industry, farmers, and contractors as well as by local businesses, agencies, and community-based organizations.

Breakfast will be at the America’s Job Center of California, 301 Heber Ave. in Calexico Friday, December 6, 2019 from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m.

The breakfast began in 1979 to show appreciation for the hard work and contributions of farm workers in Imperial County. In 1985, the city of Calexico, the Calexico Chamber of Commerce and the FWSCIC joined the effort. One year later, the CET became a partner and co-sponsor. Currently, the Consulate of Mexico in Calexico is also a sponsor and partner. For more information about the breakfast, please contact Dania Luna at (760) 339-2725

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