Robert Wilson received the Jim Kuhn Memorial Farmer of the Year Award and special recognition from representatives of Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia at the Farmer of the Year Banquet at the Imperial Valley Expo on October 12.

Nominations are currently being accepted for the 2019 Jim Kuhn Memorial Farmer of the Year Award. The guidelines and nomination form, as well as a list of past recipients, can be found at https://www.icfb.net/farmer-of-the-year.

The award started in 2005, when the Imperial County suffered a tremendous loss with the untimely death of local farmer Jim Kuhn.  Jim had a passion for his family, community and farm, a love for the Imperial Valley, zest for life, and was always encouraging others.  That same year, Imperial County Farm Bureau memorialized Jim with the Jim Kuhn Memorial Farmer of the Year award to encourage other farmers to follow in Jim’s footsteps by being leaders in the agricultural community.

This award has turned into an annual honor given every October at the Imperial County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting. Recipients are selected for their contribution to the agriculture industry through innovation, promotion of agricultural education, involvement in the agriculture community, as well as their overall involvement and contribution to the community as a whole.

A quality of many of those most deserving of this award is humility. While they spend a great deal of their time and financial resources giving back to our community and contributing to the success of the local agriculture industry, recognition or thanks is not typically expected. Thus, Imperial County Farm Bureau appreciates the opportunity to provide this avenue for honoring local agriculturalists.

If there is someone you feel is deserving, please submit a nomination form today. Nominations are due by August 15th, and the recipient will be announced at this year’s ICFB Annual Meeting on October 10th. Any questions regarding the award or nomination process can be directed to the ICFB Executive Director, Brea Mohamed, at brea@icfb.net

While the Farmer of the Year Award only is given out once a year, there are opportunities every day for us all to appreciate what all of our local farmers and ranchers are doing to provide an abundant, diverse, and safe food supply. So, the next chance you get, don’t forget to thank a farmer.

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