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Brawley football

BRAWLEY – The Brawley Wildcats will be hosting the West Hills Wolf Pack in Quarterfinal Playoff action on Warne Field this Friday night with each team optimistic in reaching the Semi’s on Thanksgiving Weekend. It is a long standing tradition in San Diego CIF Section that if you are playing the Friday night after Thanksgiving you are in the middle of an exceptionally good season. This year is no different as the winner will play against the winner of the other quarterfinal game between #1 El Capitan hosting #8 Mt. Carmel.

West Hills, the Boise State of High School football, plays their home games on Blue artificial turf and will play its first game of the season on natural grass when they visit Brawley on Friday night. They come in as favorites and are predicted to beat the Wildcats 21-20 according to Calpreps calculations. Of course, that is based on a neutral field and their long drive could sway the difference a few points the Wildcats way. On the other side of the picture is the fact that Brawley had a “Bye” week last Friday which would be sufficient time for some healing and mending after a physical game against rival Central in the come from behind win.

West Hills uses the typical shot gun formation for most of their game plan. Using a balanced attack with Junior QB Spencer Moyer throwing for over 2,000 yards so far this season, his favorite target is Raphy Carr who has half the yards in that total with just over 1,000. The Wolf Pack have 2,400 yards total in passing with over 1,800 yards rushing. Their primary RB is Senior Jacob Shaw who comes into the game with 1,150 yards on the ground. This potent offense has scored 320 points for the year but has given up 250 points defensively. They gave up 27 points to the Imperial Tigers in the first round last week, 20 of which were in the second half after leading 33-7. They beat the Jaguars 34-20 at Valley Center earlier this season. With a record of 9-2, their only losses were to Christian High School 43-29 and El Capitan put 44 unanswered points on the Wolf Pack in a 51-7 win by the Vacqueros.

The Wildcats come off an emotional come from behind win against the Central Spartans. The close game was costly in that it dropped Brawley from the #2 spot to the #4 spot. Had they beat the Spartans convincingly, the Wildcats with a two seed, could have hosted through the semifinals pending wins of course. It appears that Andrew Ortiz should be at full strength for the playoffs. His 1,611 yards on 198 carries leads the Wildcats followed by Ross Rubio’s 815 yards on 142 carries. Defense is what the difference will be in this game. Brawley has scored 313 points but only given up 83 in their 9-1 season. They will have a tough task in store to disrupt the passing of the Wolf Pack. Can the Wildcats advance to the Semifinals for the fifth time since joining the San Diego CIF section. Those questions will be answered on Warne Field in Brawley for the last home game of the fall season.

Best of luck goes out to the Coaches and Players on both sides of the fiel


  1. A close game or blowout would NOT have made a difference in the rankings as I am becoming aware watching seedings are done on CIFSD site.
    It did give Central a Moral Victory going into the Division IV playoffs.

    • There is a long history of bias against Valley teams from SD CIF, starting with Calp, Imp, Holtville back in the early 80’s and when the IVL joined the section in 2001. One good example this year is Palo Verde, Palo Verde was a better than 5 of the 8 that made the playoffs… doubt about that. It is a well known that rivaly teams will always be close games on most occasions. Brawley went from 2 to 4 even after San Marcos was crushed, I mean they did not even put up a fight. That is SD CIF for you. You have a lot to learn YOUNG man.

  2. SD CIF would not had given Brawley the 2 seed if they had beat Central more handily. Look at San Marcos, they got whipped by an eternity and still got the seed over Brawley. Happens every year Brawley has a chance to advance deep. Just the way it is at SD CIF.

    • The fact that it was Mission Hills an Open Team didn’t affect them losing no matter how bad it was. Look up San Diego CIF on how the new system is done.
      Thanks for the YOUNG comment.

      • Take a good look at Palo Verde and tell me if they deserved a spot or not. Vincent rated higher than LJCD is another joke. I hope you turn out to be as good as Don Knight was. Sports Reporters and Reporters in general are really needed in this Valley. Use that Youngness to your advantage. Oh, that system SD is using is not any much better than the old system….computers should never be the answer for human sporting events.

        • You are right on that, but Mount Empire beat Holtville and could gave gotten a spot. They only have eight teams in Div V playoffs though.

          • Look at Palo Verde’s schedule. Palo Verde I think, would have ended up in the final and La Jolla CD will win it all.

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