A night of worship and prayers for the nation





The ecumenical service featured the CCC praise band warming up hearts and people before the service opened at 7:00 p.m.


After the presentation of the colors by the NAF El Centro Color Guard, 8-year-old Emma Walker from Brawley sang the national anthem. The audience showed their amazement of the little girl with the big voice by their enthusiastic applause.


The evening program finished a day of devotion throughout the Valley starting with a prayer breakfast offered by Captain Jerry Esqueda of the Salvation Army.


Pastors from all corners of the Valley led believers in prayer for the country through speech and music.  Pastor Bob Myers began by reminding everyone of their longing for the Lord, using Psalm 42 as his inspiration.


Captain Jerry Esqueda fired up the crowd with his exhortations of removing the shackles of being embarrassed or cowed of being a Christian, and instead, having one’s desire be for God.


Pastor Richard Rodriquez, from the House of Bread Ministries in Brawley, reminded all that God is their strength and their shield.


Pastor Joel Hamby, House of Prayer, Westmorland, led the group in prayer, focusing on Jesus’ Kingship.


Pastor Ed Sempsrott finished the litany by pointing to God as their satisfaction and joy. Between each talk, the praise team led the worshipers with song that reinforced the pastor’s message.


The evening ended with prayers for all the pastors in attendance and an admonition to continue to pray for our government leaders, schools, and churches.