A New Men’s Bible Study, “Jesus and the Twelve”



Do you get hungry around lunch time? Well come on down to Valley Baptist Church for a noon hour men’s Bible study on Tuesdays. You may not be hungry for the Word, but it can nourish you nonetheless. And what man doesn’t need some spiritual nourishment and guidance every now and then. The Bible study is called “Jesus and the 12” and it will be 12 weeks and help men to change 12 behaviors. You have heard of “Hump Wednesday”…How about “Twelve on Tuesday?”

The church is called to “go make disciples to all nations” but also out our back door as well. The Bible study will focus on helping men to change and Jesus is willing to come alongside them 12 different ways. The Bible study is for men of all ages, but more focused on younger single or married men, and those in an important relationship. There will be a few older men there to share their experience, strength and hope in the Lord Jesus. Hopefully the veterans of verses can encourage the younger men and prevent some prodigal pursuits.

The goals of the study will be as varied as the men who show up. In our world and our community, men struggle with a variety of issues. One is that men are not promise keepers. We say we are going to do this and we end up doing something else. This hurts us, our partners, families and sometimes our children. It also grieves the Holy Spirit! This is also a good Bible study for the man who has limited Bible knowledge. We will take it slow and the menu will involve milk or meat depending upon the spiritual needs the seekers.

Other areas we (and myself) have fallen short are in using drugs or alcohol, lust, putting pleasure before purpose, pride, not controlling the tongue, messed up priorities and the list goes on. When men get together and pray and chew on the Word, God pays attention and blesses.

“It is not good for men (nor women) to be alone. The Bible study will also help develop a support and accountability system for the men who show up. Through discussion, prayer and occasional phone calls, men will be helped between sessions. The Bible study will be led by Jim Shinn, a Christian counselor and author. If you have questions, call Jim at 353-2467 or Valley Baptist Church at 344-3831.

If you are not sure, just write down 12 reasons that you don’t need to grow your faith or write down 12 of your awesome qualities. Show the list to a friend, partner or spiritually mature adult. If they laugh, you may want to take 12 steps in our direction!!

Just a little post-note. We had our first meeting last week and one of the members has set off a party in heaven. He has given his heart to the Lord and changed one significant destructive behavior: He is no longer going to hell!! Now we can work on the other eleven!