A Men’s Message: A new column….


BRAWLEY – The Desert Review is pleased to announce that Jim Shinn has added a second column to his weekly work load. He felt led to write a column to the men of the valley, calling them to higher standards and behaviors, but always in his quirky, fun style.

His column, entitled, “A Men’s Message” can be read by the ladies, he quips, but focuses on issues men deal with on a daily basis. This column can be found in our Religion section.

Writing came naturally to Jim, but he also honed them through his illustrius career in education and counseling. Jim has lived in the valley for 57 years and was home-schooled in the 1950’s. He was been a counselor at schools, health clinics, drug treatment center and is the director of the Son-Shine Counseling Center. He has written for the Alpine Sun, the Desert Voice, and has published 2 books: Bedtime Storeezzz and Faith and Loving on the Way to Heaven. He has taught at IVC, SDSU and the University of Redlands, and writes to keep sane in a very strange world. He loves Jesus and serves Christ at Valley Baptist Church in Brawley.