A Movie Review: Finding Dory



“Finding Dory” was family fun! Our crew agreed we liked “Finding Nemo” better but you didn’t need to see the prequel to enjoy the sequel. It was again, the familiar family theme of separation and the search to re-unify a fish family. The screen play was great, many new and funny cartoon characters, and an all-around crowd pleaser. I really liked “Hank,” Dory’s new octopus friend. I also learned a little science about sea creatures, which you will also learn if you take a dip with Dory.

The story begins with adorable Dory getting lost, not by any disaster but because of disability. I appreciated the message of the film that sometimes people have disabilities but they can be coped with. Dory had memory issues. I had to chuckle to myself because my brain doesn’t work that well compared to others, so I try to write things down. Well, Dory can’t write, nor put stuff in her cell fin, I mean cell phone, to continually remind her of what to do, where to do, and at what time. I felt her pain being memory challenged a bit. She is severe but she wouldn’t let it get her down, too often.


There was no spiritual content in the film, other than the current value that animals are loved and sometimes victimized by the human entertainment industry. The setting for the film was in a fish recovery center, so it showed that many people care for our fishy friends. And speaking of friends, Dory met new friends that were not as scary as the shark in the Nemo movie. The film was very kid friendly for all ages. I have a few adult friends who went to this movie, without kids, and they were fully pleased with the product.


The movie introduced new characters and they were all cute, funny and they put together pleasing pieces of an enjoyable puzzle. Along the theme of disabilities, there were other characters lacking abilities, but they worked together to overcome. That is an important theme for kids to be taught in this era of bullying.


Everyone has value and if you are lacking a skill or ability, together we can overcome the barrier it presents. We just need to accept each other the way they are, and teamwork can go a long way, not only to overcome loneliness, but help each other achieve our dreams.


Sigourney Weaver had a cameo voice role, where she played her voice, which was very strange. I didn’t get the joke, but maybe she is an animal rights personality. That was OK. I liked her in Ghostbusters and Alien, so she gets a pass. Get a little warm or bored this summer? Go find Dory. You will like it and it was well air conditioned!