A Men’s Message: Carr Cares


 Many readers have never heard of Derek Carr and he is okay with that. God has heard of him and from him. Mr. Carr is the quarterback for the Oakland, soon to be, Las Vegas Raiders. It is interesting that the leader of the rebellious Raiders, going into “sin city,” is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ. Does God have a sense of humor? These are miraculous signs!

I love sports, like many men. I try not to make them an idol. I used to stay at home from church when my football team was playing the morning game at 10:00 a.m. I have repented and never miss church for sports any more.

I like the game, but I also like the men. Professional sports are dominated by Christian men. I don’t know if research will back me up, but I keenly listen whenever there is an uncensored sound byte involving successful athletes. The majority will give God glory for their success, or their opportunity to just be a professional athlete.

To play a game you love and get paid for it – life doesn’t get much better. Well, yes it does, when you go to heaven. I have no research to tell me there are sports in heaven, but I would love to play the games again. And how about the opportunity to play a 5-on-5 game with a deceased basketball Hall of Famer!

Back to Mr. Carr. He just got a huge contract for five years totaling $125 million. It was very cool to hear Carr talk about tithing and helping ministries in Haiti. Sportsmen are role models, and so far, this football phenom is carrying the task very well. He took the Raiders to the playoffs last year, then unfortunately, got hurt. Although he was offered zillions, he took less, to let the Raiders keep their money, or spend it on getting and keeping players. Carr gives, both on and off the field.

Men need to give more, both at work, home and the community. When I read in the Bible, “Go make disciples,” it is not just mission trips. Out your back door is a mission field, or wherever you punch a clock. Mr. Carr read the Righteous Act to Raider Nation, or one way to impress God, through obedience.

I know it is easy to give out of abundance, but the Gospels are not just talking about money. We need to love on our neighbors, because faith without works is dead.

This summer is the doldrums for sports, but not for the believer. The game is on every day, and even when on vacation. If you are a business owner, people who don’t know the Gospel walk through the front doors every day. When I ran a counseling center, there was always Christian reading material on the tables. Rarely do I find that in the world today. It is just one way to share what you have in the hopes of building the kingdom.

In a few days I go on vacation, but I am not taking a break from the service of salt and light that we are to the world. In the car, we will read the Bible account Jesus spoke about the Good Samaritan, and look for a few ways to help others along the road. When it comes to serving our living God, there is no off season, ie. vacation, but it is okay to take a break. I am glad that Derek Carr, during his time off and rehabbing from his injury, is still taking his Christianity seriously. We need to see more of that, especially outside the world of sports.