A Cry for HELP from Senate GOP


 ENDAHow many of you would feel comfortable dropping off your kids in a school that encouraged faculty cross-dressing?

At least three Senate Republicans would. Today, those leaders — Sens. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), and Lisa Murkowski (R-Ak.) — threw their support behind a bill that would force sexual confusion on almost every classroom, day care, and summer camp in America. Insisting the legislation is just a harmless little “anti-prejudice” bill, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee voted 15-7 to make employees’ bedroom habits a preeminent consideration in hiring, firing, and promotion decisions.


The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (or ENDA) has been debated in Congress for years, but it’s never had this kind of backing from liberals, who — just two years ago — had so many reservations about the policy that it never made it to the Senate floor. Once Democrats realized that schools and other employers could be forced as part of the bill to hire transgenders, they removed their support altogether. Now, under the guise of ending “workplace discrimination,” ENDA has new life, thanks in large part to a handful of Republicans who seem eager to sacrifice religious freedom and common sense on the altar of political correctness.


If the bill passes, employers everywhere would face a very familiar dilemma: violate your conscience or pay the price. For those not concerned with religious freedom, there are the practical implications to consider like dress codes and lost profits. Just a few years ago, a completely secular clothing company, American Eagle, fired a man who dressed like a woman because his appearance was driving away business in its store. But according to the state’s anti-discrimination law, the company’s bottom line didn’t matter nearly as much as this man’s hurt feelings.


As part of a private settlement, American Eagle was forced to hire cross-dressers no matter how uncomfortable it makes customers or employees! Some New Yorkers were surprised. After all, shouldn’t companies be free to enforce a dress code? Not under this law. “The ENDA bill is going to mean a lot to me,” said transgender and ex-Navy SEAL “Kristen” Beck, “Just for the pure fact that I can show up for work in a dress…” If not, homosexual and transgender activists will be able to use ENDA to sue employers into submission on an agenda that could cost them millions of dollars in lost business and costly litigation.


As Family Research Council’s Peter Sprigg explained on CNN, employers will be staring down serial lawsuits from disgruntled workers whose dismissal may have had nothing to do with their sexual behavior! They could sue “for ‘discrimination’ over a characteristic or sexual preference which is not even visible and of which the employer may have been unaware. In the case of public employers, such laws at the local and state level have led to large settlements being paid at taxpayers’ expense.”


What’s worse, this version of the bill offers absolutely no protection for religious nonprofits or business owners. Unlike past mark-ups, the HELP committee didn’t offer a single religious freedom exemption for non-church entities. That didn’t seem to bother the members of the committee, who spent just minutes discussing the measure before it was passed. Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), who became the object of intense liberal lobbying, ultimately voted no on the bill because of the vulnerability of religious liberty. “I am concerned that the ENDA bill would go beyond our existing laws protecting individuals’ employment rights and would impose new burdens and legal uncertainties regarding the exercise of religious liberties.”


Of course, the irony of all this is that if anyone needs workplace protections these days, it’s conservative Christians. Under ENDA, their nightmares will only intensify. To see where all of this is leading, click over to our website, FightENDA.org, to witness what life without religious freedom would look like and to order our powerful documentary so you can spread the word. Most importantly, contact your senators and strongly urge them to vote no on an ENDA bill that would fundamentally change America — forever.