A “barking” good time at Imperial’s Dog Park grand opening



IMPERIAL – “Woof Town” has officially opened with the grand opening of the Imperial City Dog Park, which held their ribbon cutting Saturday.The excitement of the dogs was evident with barking heard from long distances as the anticipation grew for the gates to open.

Residents lined up to share in the enjoyment of the first-ever dog park built in the Imperial Valley. “I have been waiting for this! I drive by everyday to see if it was open yet, I am so excited!,” said Alicia Thompson a resident of Imperial as she stood next to her extremely large Great Dane, Kylala.

Even though the park broke ground last April 18, the park itself has been over two years in the making.

Chairman of “Citizens for a Dog Park Community” Dale Johnson, stood at the gates and spoke to visitors of the park, ” This is such an amazing park, over two years ago we collected more than 600 signatures to start this park, I am truly amazed by the city of Imperial. When this town wants to do something, they sure do get it done.”

As Chamber and City Council members cut the ribbon, the dogs flowed through the gates pulling their owners as children would pull their parents at a fun park.

They designed the park for numerous uses; a large area was made for larger dogs to run freely, as a smaller section was built for petite dogs. Connected to the park a special section was made for those that would like to train their pet or receive special training.

Displays were set up throughout from the Imperial County Humane Society and other animal loving businesses.  The United States Border Patrol K-9 Unit and Mike Burk of Burk Dog Training held demonstrations for guests in the training area of the park.

The park will open daily from 6a.m to 10p.m and is located in the Sky Park Subdivision at the end of the North Morning Glory Drive.

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