Dog killed during Rib Cook-off
HOLTVILLE – A resident called into the sheriff’s office Sunday to report someone who had gone to the Rib cook-off had hit and killed her dog. They left the dog at the callers’ residence and the dog is still there. Help was requested for the disposal of her pet. Sheriff’s office advised her since the dog was moved onto her property they will not respond to dispose of the animal. She was given information on how to contact the Humane Society in the hope they can help her.


Stolen gravestones
CALEXICO- A call came into the sheriff’s office Sunday by a man who found three gravestones in the middle of a field by Highway 98 by Dogwood and Anza. The sheriff’s office received the property and took the gravestones to Evergreen Mortuary to see if they could identify them and then to Mulherin Monumental for safekeeping.


Several disturb peace at bar when cut off
HOLTVILLE – A disturbing the peace call came from Imperial Palms Sunday about two males and two females causing a disturbance because the bar will not sell them any more liquor. All six patrons had exited prior to the sheriff’s arrival with their destinations unknown.


Man walking in underwear
HOLTVILLE – The sheriff’s office received a call about a disoriented 19-20 year-old white male walking around in his underwear Saturday west bound on 9th Street in Holtville. Three units answered the call to find the subject was a high school wrestler in town for the Holtville High wrestling tournament. The young man was upset over his loss and walking to cool off in his wrestling uniform.


Couple forges paperwork to steal 50 cars
HOLTVILLE – An auction house in Holtville advised the sheriff’s office that a male and a female scammed the auction out of about 50 cars with forged paperwork. The vehicles were taken to Mexicali according to the logs and those buying the cars will also be victims. A few of the cars were located without drivers and Desert Sun Towing hauled them to the sheriff’s storage.


Sandrail vandalized
VENDERS ROW, GLAMIS – A male called around 2 p.m. from the sand dunes saying someone broke into his black Sandrail and took his sunglasses and cellphone. He would meet up with an officer at Gecko Road on the Sand Highway. A deputy located his property all along the Sand Highway including tools, glasses and his phone which were thrown out at different spots according to the logs.