5th Annual Children’s Art Exhibit displays creativity and imagination

“Playing With Pastels” artwork created during the Enrique Camarena Public Library Crafty Tuesday

CALEXICO – The Calexico Arts Commission and the City of Calexico held their 5th Annual Children’s Art Exhibit at the Carmen Durazo Cultural Arts Center, April 11-14, where various Calexico and Heber schools exhibited students’ artwork.

Participating schools included: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Ben Hulse Elementary, Cesar Chavez Elementary, and artwork created at the Enrique Camarena Public Library.

“Our Annual Children’s Art Exhibit is focused on promoting art and highlighting what children create,” said Sandra Tauler, Calexico Community Services Director.

According to Tauler, all Calexico schools are encouraged to participate, with all schools in Imperial County  welcomed to participate.

“The classrooms that participated created the same thing such as creating masks with milk gallons,” said Tauler. “Those classrooms participating have all of the students creating the same thing in each students’s way and are submitted as a set rather than individually.”

According to Tauler, this is the first year the exhibit will not be displayed during the Children’s Art Festival.

“In previous years, we have combined the Art Exhibit with the Children’s Art Festival. However, now that we have the Farmer’s Market, we combine the Children’s Art Festival with the Farmer’s Market and the Children’s Art Exhibit is displayed by itself,” said Tauler.

Over fifteen classrooms participated with various forms of artwork such as; paintings, drawing, milk gallon masks, coffee filter artwork, pop stickle sticks, sugar skulls made out of construction paper and self-portraits.

The exhibit was followed by the 5th Annual Children’s Art Festival that took place Saturday morning at Crummett Park, where children had the opportunity to create artworks in over twelve art booths.

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