April is a Good Month for Animals – Imperial County Humane Society Works to Make it Happen




by Kelly Rodriguez

EL CENTRO —April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month and the Humane Society of Imperial County is very passionate about this important topic.  Media has been abuzz recently about the March discovery of the four newborn puppies that were found mutilated in a trash bag next to a trash bin behind Rite Aid in El Centro.

The malicious attacks on these days-old puppies were deliberate and intentional.  The surviving puppies required euthanization as it was believed they could not recover from the extent of their injuries.  This is the first recorded case of puppy mutilation to this degree in the Imperial Valley.

This recent act of barbarism has stirred so much emotion that community supporters formed a committee entitled Justice for the Puppies.  They are offering a $2,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this atrocity.

“The intent is not only to bring these puppies’ killer to justice, but to make the public aware that this behavior is inexcusable,” said committee member and Humane Society Director Devon Apodaca.

Donations are still being taken at the Imperial Credit Union.  The more money they collect, the higher the reward.  As of today there are no leads, yet the investigation continues.  If anyone has any details regarding this case, please call the El Centro Police Department at 760-352-2111.  Any one requesting more information regarding Justice for the Puppies can call the shelter at 760-352-1911.

“Keep your eyes and ears open.  If you see any evidence of animal abuse please report it.  Call the Humane Society or Animal Control who’s officers deal with animal abuse cases,”Mr. Apodaca urged the public.

The Humane Society of Imperial County would like the public to be aware that animal abuse includes conditions such as tying dogs up, not providing enough shade, no food or water, improper housing, There is a tethering law which allows a dog to be tethered for no more than three hours per day.  The shelter receives reports on a daily basis of animal abuse and neglect.

“It’s not okay.  If you’re going to have a pet, you need to respect them and take care of them” stated Mr. Apodaca.  He also said that the number one reason dogs roam is because they are looking for a mate.  Just by simply spaying or neutering your pet, would significantly cut down on roaming.  Another reason animals roam is because they are not getting enough attention.  They want to be included in part of your family, but if they do not feel welcomed, they will look elsewhere.

If you are looking to adopt a fur baby, the Humane Society of Imperial County has numerous dogs and cats awaiting your loving arms.  They have multiple adoption events monthly on the first Saturday of each month at Tractor Supply, several at Petco, and of course daily at the shelter.  They will also be at the Children’s Fair on the 18th at Bucklin Park.  They hope to see you there.



El Centro Animal Control Police Dept………. 760-352-2111

Message …………………………………….760-336-8981 

County Animal Control………………… 760-339-6291 

Brawley Animal Control………………. 760-344-5800, ext. 10 

Holtville Animal Control………………. 760-356-2912 

Calexico Animal Control……………….. 760-768-1861 

Imperial Police Dept……………………. 760-355-4327 

Westmorland Animal Control………. 760-344-3411