4-H: ‘Reaching for the Stars’ Achievement Night


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4-H members are presented awards by guest speaker , IC Board of Supervisor chairman, Ryan Kelly.
4-H members are presented awards by guest speaker , IC Board of Supervisor chairman, Ryan Kelly.

BRAWLEY- M&M and Magnolia 4-H clubs hosted the 2014-2015 Imperial County 4-H Achievement Night at Hidalgo Society Hall, which was filled with excited 4-H’ers and their families, Wednesday, June 24, as they celebrated the accomplishments of fellow 4-H members.

Dylan Carpio, Jessica Acosta and Rose Fiorenza hand out seed packets and encourage 4-H members to ‘Keep on Growing.’

The event recognizes outstanding 4-H members throughout the Imperial Valley. This year 4-H All Stars, Steven Johnson, Carlos Lopez and Bryanne Sanchez, handed out awards and medals to 4-H’ers who competed in a variety of events throughout the year. Besides medals, many 4-H members also received their star awards.

Rose Fiorenza of Magnolia 4-H was one such member. “I am getting my Bronze Star tonight and I am so excited! It was a lot of work.” exclaimed Fiorenza. The avid 4-H’er said she had to complete four projects to get her star, but that it was well worth it.

The night began with a flag salute followed by the 4-H pledge. Guest speaker, Ryan Kelly, Chairman of the Imperial County Board of Directors, gave an address praising 4-H’ers for all of their hard work throughout the year and encouraged members to continue helping their community. He also talked about the importance of higher education and hinted about a desired “Cal Poly Brawley” being in the works.

Jonathan Harmon awards 4-H'er Megan Smedley the Mary Harmon Scholarship.
Jonathan Harmon awards 4-H’er Megan Smedley the Mary Harmon Scholarship.


Senior 4-H members were congratulated for their years of dedication and three students were awarded the Imperial County

4-H Leaders Scholarship. Another student was awarded the Mary Harmon 4-H Scholarship. The event concluded with this year’s 4-H All Stars giving their farewell address and welcoming in the new All Star team.

“I owe a huge debt to 4-H” concluded Carlos Lopez, 4-H All Star, “It has even helped me get into UC Davis and become an engineer.”