2017-2018 College Scholarships Available For Imperial Valley Students


EL CENTRO — The El Centro Chamber Foundation announced today, the availability of scholarships for high school and post-secondary students who reside in Imperial County. Scholarship applicants demonstrate individual excellence in areas such as community service, leadership, sports, music, academics, and other unique characteristics.

As the university system reels from statewide education cuts and parents face lost savings and declining home values, the opportunity for higher education is slipping away for thousands of prospective students.

The El Centro Chamber Foundation advises those interested in applying to complete a scholarship application form and submit it along with required essays and a transcript from their current school. Applications without transcripts will be considered incomplete and will not be eligible for an award.

Applications, essays and transcripts must be submitted and received by April 21, 2017 to be considered. A review of applications will occur shortly thereafter, and successful applicants will be notified by May 12, 2017. All recipients must provide a copy of their class schedule for Fall 2017 at their attending college or university before receiving their scholarship.

For more information regarding our scholarship program or the El Centro Chamber Foundation, please contact President/CEO Darletta D. Willis at 760-352-3681 or via email at Darletta@elcentrochamber.com.

About our Foundation

The El Centro Chamber Foundation is a non-profit affiliate of the El Centro Chamber of Commerce whose mission is to support and advance the educational, cultural and economic interest of the Imperial County community by:

  • developing leadership with a dynamic and innovative vision of the future;
  • linking the business community in partnership with educational, governmental and non-profit organizations;
  • serving as a vehicle of research, planning and community education to anticipate and communicate the challenges of the future; and
  • conducting educational programs aimed to enhance professional and leadership development for businesses for current and future community leaders in the Imperial County community.

Visit the El Centro Chamber Foundation’s website at www.elcentrochamber.com for additional information.