2014 Cattle Call Rodeo sets attendance record



BRAWLEY – They snorted, they smelled, and they bucked… and the crowd roared with delight. The 58th Annual Brawley Cattle Call Rodeo is in the bag, but not before thrilling thousands of Western-loving fans from far and near.

Saturday night’s attendance broke records as the box office ended up selling SRO tickets- standing room only. Carson Kalin, one of the rodeo committee members said, “We sold 5,500 tickets for Saturday night, breaking our previous record.”And as can happen at the Brawley Rodeo, another new tradition was set.

During the night performance, Freebird blared through the PA system, rodeo clown Robbie Hodges improvised as arena crew prepared for the next event. “Hey everybody – show me your lights!” And to his amazement, light after light lit up in all sections of the arena as everybody grooved to Freebird.“I’m incorporating that in my night act from now on,” Hodges said, “that was such an amazing response to an off the cuff remark!” And it all started at the Cattle Call.

Randy Corley, Pro Rodeo Announcer

Randy Corley, pro rodeo announcer, commented on the state of our future here in the valley as the town prominently displayed its young talent. Ruby Rollins, 8, started the show off flying in on her big palomino horse, carrying the American Flag as everyone stood and saluted, Old Glory. Then, up in the booth, Emma Walker, 9, sang the National Anthem, a song adults struggle through, in perfect pitch and key, and with a voice that belies her small frame.

This is Corley’s 15th year announcing the Brawley Cattle Call Rodeo.

“Brawley always has a super rodeo,” said Corley, “simply in the fact that it’s been around awhile. Some of the greatest cowboys in the world have made this stop. The crowds are always great and they come here to have fun.”