Yum Yum Chinese Food restaurant awarded for Small Business of the Year

Owners of Yum Yum Chinese Food restaurant, Louis and Christina Wong, in recognition of Small Business of the Year for the 56th California Assembly District in Calexico. Photo by Daniella Rodiles

CALEXICO — Local dignitaries, business owners, and friends gathered Friday June 9 at Yum Yum Chinese Food restaurant to celebrate with owners, Louis and Christina Wong, in recognition of the Small Business of the Year for the 56th California State Assembly District for the family business contribution and dedication to the city’s economy and community.

The family owned business started in 1989 at a smaller location behind a money exchange house on Imperial Avenue in Calexico. After serving its customers there for twenty years, the Wongs decided to grow their business by moving to a bigger location south of Imperial Avenue.

Among the local businesses and the West Port of Entry located in the same street,  the restaurant is frequented by residents and visitors from all over the Valley who enjoy the traditional savory Chinese food in the course of their travels.

As guests filled the restaurant, Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia, along with representatives Stella Jimenez and Christian Nunez awarded the Wong’s with a plaque for their exemplary service to the community.

Garcia informed attendees of the great work Louis Wong does as he’s part of the Board of Trustees for Imperial Valley College and how he has helped several organizations of the Valley.

“Hopefully other businesses look at the role that they have and how Louis and Christina Wong not only do business here in Calexico but also give back to the community,” said Garcia. “It’s a family business that has contributed tremendously to the economy and provide great service to the community.”

Louis Wong expressed to the guests how thankful he was and the challenges their business has faced as they are about to complete their 28th year anniversary in July.

“My philosophy is to take a little bit and give back a little bit in order for us to do good. I feel very happy and thankful for Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia because he knows how businesses operate – it takes a lot to survive,” said Wong. “There’s a Chinese saying that say it’s easy to open up one business but let’s see how long you can keep it open.”

After a round of applause, guests enjoyed a luncheon of their famous broccoli with pork, fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, chow mein, and other refreshments.

“As a friend of Louis, I think they very well deserved the award. Both Louis and Christina are always busy, always giving back to the community and the kind of people that deserved to be honored,” said Jerry Hart, member of Board of Trustees of Imperial Valley College.

Despite the overall decline of local businesses over the years, Yum Yum Chinese Food restaurant has endured with the loyalty of their customers and family members who have devoted to the business, said Christina Wong.

“We treat our customers like family and friends. We hope to keep working together as a family to open jobs and keep growing.”