Young Entrepreneurs use Brawley Farmers Market for European trip

Gabi and Dani Mohamed worked the Brawley Farmers' Market for school trip funds
Gabi and Dani Mohamed worked the Brawley Farmers’ Market for school trip funds

BRAWLEY – With the Brawley Farmers Market winding down next month, the last will be May 10th, two entrepreneurial young ladies have reached their goal.


At the March market, surrounded by a wide variety of colorful produce and herbs, the two smiling business ladies easily discussed various cooking methods with their clientele.



Twins Gabi and Dani Mohamed, had set up shop at each hometown market, selling their father’s vegetable wares to help finance their upcoming club trip to Europe.


Both girls belong to the Travel Club run by Dina Self. Each year the club visits different exotic locations and BUHS students diligently sell goods and/or work to pay for the trip.



This year, the 16-year-old juniors will join their classmates exploring London, Paris, Rome, Florence and Capri Island for a week-long, whirlwind trip.


DSC_5692Their mother, Molly Mohamed, said they came up with the idea themselves. “I tried to help set up the display and the signs and they chased me out. They had definite ideas on how the stand should look and having done this for a few weeks, knew how they wanted the vegetables placed.”


They were grateful for the help of their father, Mike Mohamed, of Double M Ranches. He harvested the produce from the fields and brought it to the girls to prepare for sale.


Mike said, “I hand picked the Brussel sprouts off the vine the day before the Market, loaded up the back of my truck and then let the girls do their cleaning and boxing.”


Gabi added, “Most of this is from our ranch, but we get some from friends’ fields too.”


Molly Mohamed said that the girls worked very hard for their spending money. “Mike and I agreed to pay for their trip and they could earn their spending cash.”


And the goal? The girls had hoped to each earn $1000, and after cleaning, boxing, setting up, breaking down, and selling at Brawley’s Farmers Market all year, they had reached their goal and now just had to wait to finally spend their hard earned reward.