Yazmin Arellano leaving Brawley for new position

Yazmin Arellano accepts new position in El Cajon


BRAWLEY – Public works director and city engineer of the city of Brawley, Yazmin Arellano, P.E., is leaving her position to become city engineer of the city of El Cajon, California.

Friday, March 18, will be Arellano’s last day with the city of Brawley.

“I don’t regret leaving and accepting the position,” said Arellano. “I am very happy for the professional growth opportunity, but I am sad to leave all of my longtime friends and my projects. I have been here 16 years. It’s been quite a ride. I really enjoy working here. I enjoy the team. We have a really good support group. The morale here is very high.”

“I think I leave the city at a good point,” continued Arellano. “We are in the middle of many large capital projects, like the Main Street water line, the manhole replacements, airport projects, water plant improvements, and some park projects. For the next fiscal year, these projects will carry over. It’s a good transition point.”

Mayor Donnie Wharton commented on her departure.

“I have had the pleasure to know and work with Yazmin even before my service on the city council,” said Wharton. “I have always found working with her to be informative and supportive. Her knowledge and leadership will be very much missed. I truly believe our city is in a better place today because of the dedication and passion that Yazmin brought forth.”

“I want to thank the city of Brawley and it’s residents,” said Arellano. “I consider it a privilege to have had the opportunity to work here for the last 16 years of my career. I leave for the professional growth opportunity that I have been offered, but I also leave my longtime friends and projects. I am a very project driven person. I love all of the opportunities that I have had here to work on projects and to provide to the residents a better quality of life. It has been a very rewarding experience. Every corner of the city that I look at, I see a little piece of me. I leave a little piece of me. I will always be here. It has been great. My public works team, I will miss. I will miss the executive team and all of the support that I get from my staff and from the rest of the city. It’s a really good team to work for. It’s a great working environment.”




  1. A great loss for the city. Yazmin is highly intelligent and effective. It’ll be tough to fill her shoes. Vaya con dios compa.

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