Wymore Inc. serves Valley for 70 years


EL CENTRO — “If it’s metal, we do it.” So goes the motto of Wymore Incorporated, which is celebrating their 70th anniversary of serving the Imperial Valley, Yuma, Mexicali Valley, and Coachella Valley this year.

Wymore Inc. is a hardware, metal, tools, and welding store, but through those services, helping people remains the main point of focus for the Wymore family. Wymore has been the family business for seven decades, and though the business has expanded and grown over the years, the company’s commitment to helping people and doing right by others has never changed.

This long time Valley business was started by R.C (Dick) Wymore in 1947, when he merged his background as a Navy machinist with his brother-in-law’s welding expertise. Seventy years later, Wymore Inc. serves four large communities in the desert Southwest, boasts 25 workers, and partners with the IID, Spreckels, the geothermal mills, and many more Valley entities. Mr. Wymore, a World War II Navy veteran and honorary Blue Angel, retired at the age of 79 in 2004 after over 50 years of running the business. His daughter, Marla Wymore, is now the CEO, and operates the business with her son, David Wymore Byrum.

Byrum, 35, has been the Shop Supervisor for ten years, and his love for the family business is evident.

“What we do makes the world go round,” Byrum said.

Wymore is primarily known as a large machining and welding shop. But a good way to think of it is as a hardware store that’s bigger than just a hardware store, Marla stated.  Most hardware stores don’t sell the big pipes, machinery, and metal, which Wymore offers.  Most also don’t include welding, big machinery, and repairs either, services which help Wymore stand above the competition.

Traditionally, Wymore Inc. has been a repair shop, but according to Byrum, they are transitioning into manufacturing heavy stuff, as the needs of the Valley changes.

Their niche, Byrum described, is that they offer the biggest equipment in the Valley. In their work with a local geothermal plant, they do the big machine work, because they have machines “that will machine bigger parts than anyone else around,” Byrum explained.

The idea of being able to serve better by offering big machinery is a principle her Father started the business with.

“Dad always tried to stay ahead of the competition by having the biggest equipment around,” Marla said.

Marla and Byrum are keeping this principle alive as they run the company today. They recently purchased new C&C machines. This type of machinery is different than manual machinery, which requires an individual to handle the machines while working. C&C machines are computer based, and run off of set programs. This increases efficiency and is something Wymore Inc. is excited to bring to the Valley.

Although they are growing and changing with the times, their passion for staying local and serving the Valley community stays the same. No need is too big or too small for them to be willing to repair or fabricate.

“We have little old ladies bring dining room chairs, and we also fix handicap in transportation vans,” Byrum said.

“We do everything. Whatever needs fixed, comes in the door.  If we can find a way to do it, in a way that works with the customer’s budget, we will.”

This family owned company values longevity, which is proven by their commitment to the Valley and low employee turnover rate. Wymore values taking care of their employees and trying to do what’s right for their customers, Marla said. They have employees who have been with the company for 15 years, 32 years, and 37 years.

Wymore Sr. once worked on a substantial project that included fabricating a parachute test vehicle for NASA, which was used in the Apollo missions. The tester is displayed in front of their shop, and is visible to those driving nearby. The shop location can be found at 697 S. Dogwood Road in El Centro as they are located in Dogwood Industrial Park.

You can also catch the Wymore company supporting local parades, as they showcase Byrum’s 1970 M35 A-2 Army truck at the El Centro Christmas parades, Brawley’s Cattle Call parade, and other events throughout the year.

Since Byrum is the son of Marla, it is natural to assume he will eventually take over the family business himself. When asked about the plans for Wymore’s future, Byrum said he plans to keep the business in the family, and they intend to keep serving the Imperial Valley “for at least 100 years.”