Pro wrestling brings big crowds to Holtville’s CarrotMania II

Ryan Kidd attempts to unmask his opponent Onyx on the top top during the semi-final round of the inaugural DWE Desert Classic Tournament at CarrotMania II Saturday evening. Photo by Gus Garcia.

HOLTVILLE — Professional wrestling was on full display in the Valley this past weekend as Desert Wrestling Entertainment put on a show perfectly titled CarrotMania II taking place on the weekend of Holtville’s Carrot Festival.

The night included a championship match between local showman Ares and the equally talented Ty Ray, and for the first time in the Valley, an eight-man “king of the ring” style tournament, the 1st Annual Desert Classic.

The competition level of the tournament was extremely high as many notable wrestlers competed, including Ryan Kidd, Dicky Maier, SuperBeatle, and Anthony Idol. With over 200 wrestling fans in attendance, and the Holtville Carrot Festival serving as backdrop, CarrotMania was ready to deliver.

“It was a good event. They were expecting 80 people, and there was a lot more than that,” said Desert Wrestling Entertainment Promoter Richard Ignacio of the turnout for the show.

In the first round, Dicky Maier earned a victory over Superbeatle with a heel tactic, putting his foot on the ropes to gain leverage while going for a pin and getting the three-count. The ref missed seeing his foot on the ropes, and counted Superbeatle out of the competition.

Up next, Ryan Kidd continued his rise in the local circuit with his acrobatic moves and crowd interactions, also earning the victory over Rey Negro, with a controversial disqualification. While the referee was distracted, Kidd pretended that Rey Negro had forcibly removed his mask, giving the ref no choice but to ring the bell and award Kidd the victory.

In the next match, Anthony Idol earned a dominant victory over Uday Ekleta who just seemed happy to be in the event, initially asking Idol for a pose for a quick selfie prior to the match. Idol responded with the usual right and left hands and as the match went on, he eventually earned the victory with a michinoku driver and the pin.

In the fourth match, DWE product Onyx earned a high flying victory over De Ja Vu in the final first round match.

Dicky Maier, Anthony Idol, Ryan Kidd and Onyx were on their way to the semi-final round.

Dickie Maier drew Anthony Idol as his opponent, and after a back and forth match, a frustrated Idol would take a chair to Maier’s back and shoulder. Maier moved on to the final with a disqualification victory, but it seemed that the damage had been done.

Ryan Kidd versus Onyx showed just how well-versed Kidd is in the art of dirty tactics as again, a distracted referee allowed a low blow by Kidd, leaving Onyx easy prey for the Kid’s roll up pin.

With the finals set at Dicky Maier fighting Ryan Kidd, it was on to the championship match between Ares and Ty Ray.

In a matchup that included high flying assaults from both men, action outside the ring and broken chairs, Ares would prove once again why he is the champion with a pinfall victory. After the tightly-contested match, both men showed the crowd what true sportsmanship was as they shook hands in the middle of the ring following an amazing show.

Then the crowd was treated to the Desert Classic Tournament finals with Dicky Maier and Ryan Kidd scheduled to battle for the trophy. However, due to an injury to Maier’s arm during Idol’s attack with the steel chair, Maier was not cleared to compete.

It looked as though Kidd would take the Desert Classic championship home by forfeit, but right before the handing over of the trophy, Maier burst through the curtain with a bandaged arm and ready for battle.

Kidd and Maier would exchange punches, submissions, near falls and reversals before an injured Maier would eventually submit to Kidd. Maier also completed the rare one night heel to face switch with the crowd, since he won his first match using heel tactics. By the end of the night, after fighting through being attacked with a steel chair and suffering injuries, he would pull through as the first ever Desert Classic Tournament Champion.

“As professional wrestlers we sacrifice everything, all in pursuit of championship gold,” said Maier during his post fight in-ring interview.

“This isn’t the last you’ve seen. This is only the beginning for Dicky in Desert Pro Wrestling,” added the new Desert Classic Tournament champion.

“CarrotMania III is already planned, already ready to go. It’s on for next year.”