WOVEN Women’s Conference


woven 2014EL CENTRO – The Women of Virtue Empowerment Network, WOVEN, held their 5th annual WOVEN Women’s Conference on Saturday at Christ Community Church.

The overarching theme of the inspirational conference was managing and nurturing priorities, featuring Guest Speaker, Laurie Cole of Houston, Texas, and co-founders of WOVEN, Betty Predmore and Stacie Chandler.

Their very personal, inspirational, and entertaining messages centered around making your relationship with Christ a top priority, followed by nurturing your relationships with your spouse, family, and friends.

Nearly two-hundred women representing thirty different churches across the valley were in attendance to hear the encouraging messages.  This year was the first year that childcare was provided for attendees to help make receiving the message easier and less worrisome.

Laurie Cole inspired and encouraged women with her message Balancing Life God’s Way and reminded them to keep their priorities in line with God and put Him first.  Betty Predmore spoke about being M.O.M. Master of Management and stated that “we need to stop and listen for what God has for us”.

Her message was that “it is hard being everything to everybody and it’s hard to say no” and when “those pressures get in to the heart, they get into the home”.  Sometimes women get so busy managing life that they neglect managing their relationships.

Stacie Chandler’s message talked about being B.U.S.Y; Being under Satan’s Yolk.  She stated that “when we are busy, he [Satan] is distracting us and we are destroying and neglecting our relationships, especially our relationship with Christ”.

She encouraged the attendees to make a change today to spend time with the Lord, their family and husbands.  Her message was also about the legacy they leave to their family and friends and encouraged them to share Christ and His message.

The founding principle of the organization is to empower and encourage women in life through Christ.

This need is being addressed through faith-based support groups, individual and group counseling and parenting to help combat problems such as alcohol dependence and anger management.

The reputation and support of the organization has recently been extended to include the Department of Social Services which now refers women to them because of the accountability, structure, and support of development into independent strong women.  There are WOVEN centers in Brawley and El Centro.

They have also expanded to include a Transition Home.  A variety of classes and support groups are scheduled Monday through Friday at both centers.

Their next event supports the Amber Bryant Memorial Domestic Violence Awareness with a 5k Run/Walk on Saturday October 4, 2014 at Jeffrey Thornton Park in Brawley.  Early registration is $25 and $30 on race day.  Please call 760-344-0411 for more information regarding the race or classes.


  1. Great job WOVEN women! Your conferences are very powerful and positive in the lives of valley women. It is also very encouraging to those serving the Lord and active in ministry. The WOVEN conference requires a lot of work and I am especially glad for the child care component because so many single parents are more able to attend. Keep up the good works and many men are praying for you and your ministries.

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