World record set at NAF El Centro, CA on Thursday



Spencer Suderman and his crew

EL CENTRO, CA – Spencer Suderman, Valencia, CA, set a Guinness World Record Thursday, March 13, at NAF El Centro, California.

Spencer Suderman

“Like Superman with a d,” said Suderman, beaming with pride.

In his custom Pitts Special bi-plane, Suderman recorded the most inverted flats spins in one aircraft around 11:00 a.m.

81 turns.

The record was 78 turns set in 1999. That record held for 15 years until Suderman and his striking red and black Pitts made history.

“I had 3 cameras record the event inside the cockpit,” said Suderman. “If it wasn’t recorded, it didn’t happen.  This was my third attempt. In 2011, I got 64 turns. I tried again last December and I got 77 turns. Just 2 short! I did some modifications and today I was successful.”

Suderman and his crew were elated.




Speaking between phone calls to friends, competitors, and his sponsors, Suderman said, “I’ve got to call the plane’s engine manufacturer and tell them they had a part in a world record.”

“We’ll take the paperwork that the judges filled out and the videos to Guinness and it will be recorded,” said Suderman. “I started the maneuver at 23 thousand feet. I’ll start my air show with this maneuver, just not as high. I’ve been chasing this record for a long time. I’m happy and I’m glad it’s over. I challenge anyone to beat my record. I’ve got some new modifications up my sleeve I’m itching to try.”