“World Mental Health Day” Recognized by Supes

(L-R) Raymond “Ray” Castillo, Michael “Mike” Kelley, Michael W. Horn, Ryan E. Kelley, Jesus “Jack” Terrazas and John Renison

EL CENTRO – The Board of Supervisors proclaimed October 10, as ”World Mental Health Day” and presented a proclamation to Michael W. Horn, MFT Director of Behavioral Health Services on Tuesday during the regular board meeting.

“Mental health will strike one in five Americans in a given year regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion or economic status” explained Horn.

The Board of Supervisors encourage all citizens, government agencies, private and public institutes, businesses and schools in Imperial County to increase their awareness and understanding of mental illness and the need for appropriate and accessible services to all people with mental illnesses.

“One in every 5 children suffer a diagnosed mental or emotional disorder and one in 10 have a serious disorder which if unattended can lead to school failure, addiction and even suicide” said Horn.