Witter and Oakley to get spruced up for September Inspections



BRAWLEY –The Brawley Elementary School Board voted Tuesday night to approve the purchase and installation of new playground equipment for Myron D. Witter and J.W. Oakley schools, totaling around $67,538.


Garcia told the board the installation price had been discounted by the construction company since they were installing at both elementary schools.


According to Superintendent Ron Garcia all the other schools will be getting new playground equipment, too, because, ‘they are old’. The two schools were chosen first because of the upcoming State inspections.


Witter and Oakley are ‘identified’ schools and will face inspections on maintenance and upkeep at the end of September by the State. All Title I funded schools and local educational agencies that do not make Adequate Yearly Progress are ‘identified’ for Program Improvement under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.


Edward Singh said he and several others had walked the two schools noting everything that needed to be painted or repaired, ‘and that’s what we did.’


Witter will also have their exterior wall repaired and pressure washed.


The board also approved KYA Surfacing to sandblast rock at Witter and then repaint the school logo.


Witter will also undergo electrical work to accommodate the installations of 42 projectors.


Garcia received instruction from the board to continue property negotiations for the proposed new elementary school.


Short-term and long-term certificated substitutes will see their daily rates rise from $10 to $120 per day.


Garcia said, “Let’s get these rates up because the other districts are looking at raising rates. It has been many years since the price was raised, over 5 years, and we do not want to lose substitutes because of $10, especially when you factor in gas and distance.”


The Board voted to approve the use of a classroom by Imperial Valley College for courses and instruction without fee since the use benefited local citizens.



The board voted unanimously on all issues except the resolution regarding the elimination of a classified position of the ASES (after school program) manager, Roseanne Curiel.


Curiel had spoken several times in front of the board, including Tuesday night. She stated she was mistreated by Garcia.


After eliminating that position, and Curiel, the board voted to reinstate another managerial position for the after school program. The Trustees Yvonne Burns, Gloria Santillan, and Janet Sandoval voted to eliminate the position, while Armando Padilla and Cesar Guzman voted no.


The board also approved the fee increase of the law firm, Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo. Garcia said the fee had increased $10 per hour per staff member.


Garcia informed the board that the majority of the District’s legal work was now done over the phone, rather than the firm traveling to Brawley, thus cutting down on expenses.


  1. what is ron garcia doing? so he eliminates a position solely to get rid of a staff member, recreates another one to hire a family member. cant every one see this… he is a bully and a mean person. i want to know if there is a dress code?? i see what he is having his heiram wear in his office. some people feel it is a little too much. or should i say not enough…. get it… please stand up to this man… he is going to break this district with his spending.. stop him now……

    • Are you a District Employee? Understand that Ronnie is just padding his retirement. The show is being run by Hard Bread. That aside, there is a employee by the name of C—– who is somehow, some way got her Son and Son-in-Law into some pretty good positions with the help of the Garcia-Hardbread Mafia. Firings of good employees to hire less qualified Family members has been going on for a couple of years now. Don’t believe me, take a look at the qualifications of those hired over the terminated ones. The sad thing is that Panduro is positioning himself to take over the do nothing Garcia. The Board has no drive to see the situation orrrrrr in it for themselves.

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