Winterhaven to have first county road project since the ’60’s




EL CENTRO – The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the first roadside construction project in Winterhaven since the 1960’s.

The board voted for Hazard Construction Inc., of San Diego, with $1,019,722.20 to be the winning bid for the Winterhaven Townsite Roadway Improvement Project which will provide  35,892 square yards of of pavement rack rehabilitation plus leveling and then slurry.

William S. Brunet, Public Works Director, said, “The county is still benefitting from the slowly recovering economy as bids continue to come in lower than our engineer has forcast the job to cost. This bid is $13,000 under his estimate.”

Michael Kelley, District 3, said, “It’s a good thing for these outlying areas to see nice improvements being made in their town. It’s very much like what we did in Heber and Seeley. It promotes community pride. I’m sure the residents of Winterhaven will thank you (Brunet) for this.”