Willie Estes asked Imperial School Board if he’s “banned from coaching?”


IMPERIAL-The Imperial Unified School district held their monthly School Board meeting Monday at the Imperial High School campus. Board members called to order the meeting at 5:30pm and requested all guest and members stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

After the quorum was established Abdul Mohamed the Board President presented IHS ASB member Jonas Bunda to speak. Bunda spoke to guests about this Fridays’ homecoming Football game and the different types of activities for spirit week at IHS.

Next on agenda was IHS Principal Roger Ruvalcaba presenting this month’s Student of the Month awards to two students, Cesar Badillo and Keenan McDonald. After the presentation Badillo’s Mother spoke to the Board during the call for Public comments. She suggested that the School’s books be left inside the classrooms, due to causing her children to have back problems from carrying their back packs. The Board members took the suggestions into consideration.

Transportation Supervisor Frank Thomas stood at the comment podium numerous times to speak to the Board Members at the meeting. Thomas was adamant about the district reviewing the recommended requirements for volunteer drivers for student’s activities and updating files for those that are already volunteering.

Thomas believes that volunteer drivers should have to show proof of a driving record and also get a possible finger printing done. The request was tabled by the Board Member’s until the next scheduled meeting due to more information needed on the topic.

Towards the end of the meeting Willie Estes, a teacher at IHS, requested to discuss with the Board Members about the 7th grade girls basketball position that is allegedly available at Frank Wright Middle School. Mohamed pre-warned Estes before the discussion began, that Estes was not to name any names of other teachers or principals or speak badly of the school district during his discussion.

Estes was very upset about not being accepted for the coaching position and addressed the Board by saying “if I’m banned from coaching I think it’s a School Board decision, my incident was over three years ago, I don’t know if everybody gets a second chance but I would like the board to remember that I have been here for 22 years, 18 of which I coached. I guess why I am here to tonight is to hear from the School Board that I can’t coach.”

The Next Scheduled meeting For Imperial Unified School District is October 27, 2014. For more information on the next Imperial Unified School Board meeting agenda and meeting times and locations, Contact the Imperial Unified School District at (760)355-3200