Wildcats win home swim meet against Spartans

Brawley Wildcat Brian Murray pulls out in front in a 200-meter individual medley race.

BRAWLEY — The Brawley Wildcat swim team hosted the Central Spartans Thursday, March 16, ending in victory for both the boys’ and girls’ Wildcat teams.

Kicking off the first race of the afternoon, the Varsity boys took to the starting line for the 200-meter medley relay race with the Brawley boys’ team composed of Brandon Castro, Alec Walker, Ross Wilson, and Brandon Goddard. For the Spartans, the team consisted of Marco Peralta, Fernando Tejeda, Harrison Thomas, and Nathan Warner. At the sound of the buzzer, swimmers took off with the Wildcats gaining a quick lead over the Spartans. The Wildcats managed to finish with a time of 2:01 minutes, defeating the Spartans by a nine second lead.

In the first heat for the girls’ Varsity teams, the Wildcats listed Larissa Arvina, Logan Nemlowill, Jessica Acosta, and Paige Smelser in the 200-meter medley relay. For the Spartan’s team Clarissa Nava, Holly Corfman, Fatima Ramirez, and Natalie Kosciusko competed. The Wildcats won with a time of 2:06.75 minutes.

Heading into the next event, the girls’ 200-meter freestyle racers took to the diving blocks, where Wildcat Larissa Arvina took first place with a time of 2 minutes and 20.77 seconds. Coming in second, was another Wildcat, Katie Baraggiotta, who finished close behind by a time of 2 minutes and 25.81 seconds. Coming in third for the race was Spartan’s Clarissa Nava, who managed a time of 2:43.29.

The boys’ individual medley came down to a close race between the Wildcats’ Brian Murray and Spartan Marco Peralta. Murray kept his pace by submerging into the water to finish with a time of 2:33.08 seconds, resulting in an 8.34 second lead over Peralta.

In the next event, the girls raced in the 100-meter backstroke, where the Wildcats’ Arvina competed in another close race against the Spartans’ Nava. The race went down to the final seconds as Arvina pulled out in front defeating Nava with a time of 1:13.72, while Nava finished shortly after with a time of 1:14.53.

Finishing out the heats for the meet, the boys and girls prepared for the longest race of the evening, the 400-meter relays. The Wildcat girls team was Elysse Landy, Ami Hovley, Baraggiotta, and Baylee York who competed in a race that went down to a decision between the final swimmers. Swimming against the Wildcats, the Spartans team was Mya Cerrantes, Jenna Solorio, Mariah Granado, and Cami Corfman.

The race started with Landy and Cerrantes, who ended neck and neck as the second set of swimmers jumped into the pool. The Wildcats’ Hovley pulled out in front of Solorio, for a small lead, as the third set of swimmers jumped from the diving blocks. The Wildcats distanced themselves from the Spartans with Baraggiotta pulling in front of Granado as York dove in the pool to finish out the relay for Brawley, giving them a combined time of 4:45.81 seconds, while the Spartans finished close behind with a time of 4:49.34.

With all the races, over, the Wildcats claimed a victory over the Spartans with boys scoring 112 points and the girls scoring 110, while the Spartan boys finished with score of 46 and the girls had a score of 59.