Wildcats Fight for Win Against Eagles in Varsity Baseball


southwest highEL CENTRO – Tight defense and hard luck on offense were the names of the game last Tuesday evening when the Southwest Eagles and the Brawley Wildcats battled on the Eagles’ home field. The teams seemed equally matched, keeping five out of seven innings scoreless, but in the end, the Wildcats triumphed with a close victory of 2-1.

The Wildcats started the game by putting a run on the board, bringing the score in the first inning to 1-0. The Eagles were swift to recover, stopping the Wildcats from scoring anymore.

As the teams clashed, they matched each other out-for-out and remained in a scoreless deadlock for the next four innings.

Then, in the sixth inning, the deadlock broke as the Wildcats managed another run. This time, the Eagles answered, finally able to get on the scoreboard. For the last inning of the game, the deadlock resumed with neither team scoring, so the game ended with a 2-1 win for the Wildcats.

Wildcat junior Cameron Abatti led the batting going 1-2 with the team’s only RBI. Following Abatti was senior, Michael Morales and junior,Garret Mamer, both with 1-3, with Mamer contributing one of the team’s two runs.

Leading in batting for the Eagles was junior, Javier Tellez who was 2-2 with one RBI. Next was sophomore Cameron Cannon who was 1-3 and scoring the Eagles’ sole run was sophomore Andy Carillo.