Why is the IID Board buying this?


letters to the editorThe energy department is recommending the cancellation of two more projects to our ECAC committee. I am not having a problem with the recommendation because they say it is related to the reduced MIC issue and therefore the lawsuit that we know so little about. I am having a problem because the same consulting firm that we paid for recommending these projects is now being paid to recommend canceling them. How many times do the people have to pay ZGlobal for the same projects?


We have had three or four presentations in the past concerning the transmission plans that this consulting firm thought up saying do this and now they are saying don’t do this.


It is scary that they are now in charge of our energy department. I am wondering how long it will be before ZGlobal change the plans again costing us even more money.


I am also hearing they are running off most of IID’s senior engineering staff and am wondering how long it will take them to complete their takeover of IID. Now that’s a scary thought; to be in the hands of these guys and not have another option for the company. I wonder if they have this Valley’s best interest at heart or if they are only interested in lining their own pockets at our expense.


Why is the IID board buying this?



Shorty Hickingbottom


  1. I had seen a board presentation given by a materials expert in the energy department. A team of employees recommended that IID purchase some spare transformers as they had none. Are these big transformers that Z wants to cancel the same ones?

    • Yes, and the lead time for a replacement is 3 years – that’s a huge risk, but do they guys really care? They’re for for the money & this looks like they are are saving IID money when they are not!

  2. The writer raises some very valid questions. Can or will the 4 board members that caused this to happen respond? I doubt it. You can see they set up the IID staff to take the blame for things the GM, Legal, Zglobal, and the board members themselves did. Maybe it’s time to recall them.

    • One of the key players in this screw up is Jim Hanks. He used to represent the people, he used to be a friend to Mr. Stills, and he used to be honest. But now I’m hearing he has betrayed the people, betrayed Mr. Stills, and is using his position to enrich his family. Word is two of his sons work for ZGlobal. He was seen walking into Kasarjian’s office with his brother’s son-in-law and got him a promotion. What else Jim? What will your legacy be?

  3. Why did the board get into a mess that jeopardizes IID Energy and Water and threatens the jobs and low rates IID has produced with local management? Answer is simple: a reporter turned GM who has no management experience, nor utility experience; a house attorney with questionable experience dealing with government and private agencies and non with a utility like IID; plus an opportunistic promoter willing to spread favors.

    • Yes, see a lot of litigation and charges coming with no easy way out for directors. ZG will make money, CAISO will take over and IID as we’ve known it will disappear with jobs & low rates.

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