Wheelin’ and Dealin’


Plenty of movement in the NFL with players seemingly changing teams left and right this week. As is usually the case, most of the moves came via free agency, but we’ve gotten a couple blockbuster-type trades this week as well, which is kind of rare in the National Football League.

Of course the deal most people considered the biggest of the offseason saw the New Orleans Saints (who are apparently rebuilding) send their second best player (that would be Jimmy Graham) to the Seattle Seahawks, in exchange for a center and first-round draft pick. You have got to love the trade if you’re a Seahawks’ fan. First off, Seattle’s first-round pick is not that great as they were in the Super Bowl last season (it’s number 31, in case you are wondering). Second, they now have a legitimate receiving threat for Russell Wilson’s arm.. This will do a plethora of things to help Seattle’s offense and should make them the favorite to win the NFC again (assuming they weren’t that already). As for the Saints, well, they have another first-round pick and, like I said, apparently they are rebuilding. Too bad they can’t ship Drew Brees to the Houston Texans while they’re at it!

Speaking of my favorite team, they pretty much spat in my face when they decided to let the cornerstone on which the franchise is built, Andre Johnson, leave. Of course, Johnson immediately repaid the slight by joining forces with fellow free agent and former Miami Hurricane teammate, Frank Gore, and taking their talents to Indianapolis. Now Johnson will get the chance to show the Texans just how washed up he is twice a season on a team with a far superior quarterback. I realize this move, as far as the Texans were concerned, was all about the money, but it is still hard to take. Like most fans, I fondly remember the days when players spent their entire careers with the same teams and I was hoping Johnson would be one of the rare modern-day cases. Alas, it was not to be.

In a flurry of moves I find the Philadelphia Eagles letting Jeremy Maclin go to Kansas City, trading LeSean McCoy to Buffalo and then swapping quarterbacks with the Rams, and sending Nick Foles away for Sam Bradford as equally puzzling as the dumping of Johnson by Houston. So, the Eagles have dumped most of their offensive weapons in exchange for a quarterback with injury problems and cap space. Well, I guess they weren’t winning with those guys, so might as well try something else. I did see where they are probably going to sign Dallas Cowboy running back DeMarco Murray so I suppose the extra money is being put to good use.

Is that enough for you? Of course there was plenty more, but I have a word count here friends! And just think, the free agent period isn’t even over yet. There are still some big names, New England Patriot, Vince Wilfork, comes to mind and all this is leading up to the draft where you know even more guys will end up trading teams. This year’s NFL offseason has truly been a whirlwind and my guess is, it’s going to continue all the way up until teams report to training camp later this summer.