What About The Elect?

The Elect of God

The election is over and many conservatives are doing backflips. Liberals and Democrats are angry and looking for ways to shut down Washington, by first shutting down traffic in the bigger cities. Protesting is one of our rights of free speech and I am glad I live in a small town where demonstrations won’t create for me a commute of frustration. Well, I don’t work, so it is not really a concern for me.

We have the elected, which are President Elect Trump and V.P. Pence. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, that makes you part of the elect (Matthew 24:22). Jesus uses Matthew 24 to tell his followers, “the elect”, to expect certain things to happen (signs, wonders, false prophets, etc.) and warn them to stay the course. In Romans 11:5, Brother Paul refers to the elect as the “chosen by grace.” So if you are a believer, you were chosen, not by vote, behavior, or works, but grace. And later in 2 Timothy 2:10 we are to “endure everything for the sake of the elect, that they too may obtain salvation that is in Christ Jesus.”

Do not think God wants us to be glad with the election and say we now have a pro-life, pro-family, anti-big government guy who is going to cut taxes and make the U.S. great again. PEOTUS Trump will definitely impact the Supreme Court and depending on how he works with Congress, may make some major positive changes, but God doesn’t call on us to rely upon Trump and the elected. He is calling the elect. That is you Bubba!

If you want a more pro-life America, you need to help this be a more pro-life Imperial County. We have a Coalition for Life that can always use volunteers, money and prayer. Did you know that the elect are still at Planned Parenthood, by the 4th Street entrance, praying and reminding the abortion-minded that God is not pleased? Pregnant teens need support and sometimes a place to stay, not condemnation or disregard. Would you be willing to open your house to a young pregnant person?

How about immigration reform? Would you be willing to take in a refugee (or their family) who has been invited by our immigration system to protect them from torture, harm or death? That is real immigration reform or should I say revival. If we want the U.S. to change, again don’t look to Washington, but what you can do in your own back yard.

Do you complain about welfare and the entitlement programs? The poor will always be with us until the business community finds a way to increase employment. That is right, and many of the business owners (millionaires) don’t choose to take risks and expand their organization, because they would rather just pocket the profits. We get mad at Washington for taxes, but if there is a lower tax demand, what do you plan to do with that extra money. You can always give to your church, Salvation Army, or one of the many ministries that help poor folks.

What happens in Washington in the next four years will, I hope, have a positive impact on America and generations to come. But if you can do something to help one person get saved, well that is what makes America great: the fact that we are a Christian nation and the gospel can be freely shared. When the Apostle Paul says to “endure everything” so that others can be saved, that means that we “the elect” step up, not back. If you like the idea of “making America great” it really can only happen when we make things better locally.

If Jesus Christ has chosen you, then I hope your choices for the next four years will glorify Him. You have been called for such a time as this. You have been elected for the job but don’t pull a Peter and pretend you do not know Him. Things may change in America, but you will have no part in it. Voting conservative is easy. Acting like a Christian is not!

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