Westmorland city clerk issues declaration to city council




WESTMORLAND — During the regular Westmorland city council meeting on Wednesday, September 6, city clerk Sally Traylor issued a statement to the city council regarding the hiring of the new police chief.


“As the city’s elected city clerk of 28 years, I have seen a lot of good things accomplished over the years,” said Traylor. “We have overcome many struggles and challenges, and it has been an honor to be your clerk, but the things I have seen and witnessed over the past six months have made me sick to my stomach and disgust me.”

“I used to have so much respect for you Henry (Graham), but now I am disappointed in you,” continued Traylor. “You once told me to tell you when it was time for you to go. Well, guess what? It’s time for you to go Henry.”

“And you, Larry (Ritchie), are just Henry’s puppet,” said Traylor.

“Ana (Beltran), I really don’t have anything against you, other than to say you have no business being on council,” continued Traylor. “When the police officers gave a vote of No confidence to your husband and your father-in-law for nepotism, favoritism, lack of officer safety, retribution, harassment, unfairness, belittlement, reimbursement refusal, and were short-changed hours and wages, it puts you in a questionable position on how you should be allowed to vote on anything to do with the police department due to the ability for revenge and retaliation against the officers that brought for the confirmed allegations.”

“In your own words Mitch (Driskill), you recently wrote a letter stating the city takes any allegations of corruption seriously, but if that was true, then please explain to the citizens of Westmorland why you and Graham have failed to address the criminal activity that was committed recently against the city?” Asked Traylor. “You need to go as well.”

“I come before you Henry, Larry, and Ana to respectfully request you to resign your elected positions effectively immediately due to the lack of fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers of Westmorland, favoritism hiring practices for the position of chief of police, and the failure to address the criminal activity,” said Traylor. “I am prepared to file the Notice of Intention to circulate a recall petition, having already obtained the required signatures to do so first thing in the morning should you choose not to resign tonight effective immediately.”

“I have nothing personally against Mr. Monita, but I am against everything that took place for him to get the job, “continued Traylor. “He is not the most qualified, but because he was your candidate, Henry, and your ex-employee, it should have also been a conflict of interest for you to vote for him as well.”

The city clerk is an elected position.





  1. If this is true the city and citizens need a recall.
    We need to clean the swamp in all of CA. Starting with Brown. We don’t need Sanctuary State and keeping criminals. God Bless You. GB our COUNTRY and TRUMP.

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