Western lawmakers gather in Utah to talk federal land takeover

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 Utah Speaker of the House Becky Lockhart, right, and other western lawmakers spoke about their meeting to effort to transfer public lands back to the states, Friday, April 18, 2014. from left to right: Mark Blasdel – Speaker of the Montana House of Representatives, Montana Senator Jennifer Fielder, Scott Bedke – Idaho Speaker of the House, and Speaker Lockhart.

By Kristen Moulton

SALT LAKE CITY -It is  time for Western states to take control of federal lands within their borders, lawmakers and county commissioners from Western states said at Utah’s Capitol on Friday.


More than 50 political leaders from nine states convened for the first time to talk about their joint goal: wresting control of oil-, timber -and mineral-rich lands away from the feds.


“It’s simply time,” said Rep. Ken Ivory, R-West Jordan, who organized the Legislative Summit on the Transfer for Public Lands along with Montana state Sen. Jennifer Fielder. “The urgency is now.”


Utah House Speaker Becky Lockhart, R-Provo, was flanked by a dozen participants, including her counterparts from Idaho and Montana, during a press conference after the daylong closed-door summit.

U.S. Sen. Mike Lee addressed the group over lunch, Ivory said. New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, Oregon and Washington also were represented.


The summit was in the works before this month’s tense standoff between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management over cattle grazing, Lockhart said.


“What’s happened in Nevada is really just a symptom of a much larger problem,” Lockhart said.


Fielder, who described herself as “just a person who lives in the woods,” said federal land management is hamstrung by bad policies, politicized science and severe federal budget cuts.


“Those of us who live in the rural areas know how to take care of lands,” Fielder said, who lives in the northwestern Montana town of Thompson Falls.


“We have to start managing these lands. It’s the right thing to do for our people, for our environment, for our economy and for our freedoms,” Fielder said.


Idaho Speaker of the House Scott Bedke said Idaho forests and rangeland managed by the state have suffered less damage and watershed degradation from wildfire than have lands managed by federal agencies.


  1. Yes it is time to get rid of government
    they are like a bunch of leeches looking for
    something to suck on. Our states can run
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