Wellton Station Border Patrol Agents Arrest 58 Aliens, Seize More Than $600,000 in Marijuana



04282016 YUM WEL 21 arrested 841 lbs MJ seizedYUMA – Wellton Station Border Patrol agents arrested 58 illegal aliens and seized 1,225 pounds of marijuana in the Sonoran Desert yesterday and during the early morning hours on April 29.

Agents seized backpacks filled with marijuana from a group of 21 individuals that were caught in eastern Yuma County

Two of those arrested had illegally re-entered the country while smuggling 218 pounds of marijuana into the U.S.  Both men were previously deported and were in violation of supervised release.

They will be transported back to prison to complete their sentences.

Three men were discovered hiding in the trunk of a vehicle as it attempted to pass through the immigration checkpoint on Interstate 8. Two of the men are Mexican nationals; the third is Salvadoran. The driver, a U.S. citizen, will be prosecuted for felony alien smuggling.

Out of the 58 illegal aliens, the largest group arrested consisted of 21 men interdicted while smuggling 843 pounds of marijuana. Fourteen of the smugglers are Mexicans; four are Hondurans; two Salvadorans; and one Guatemalan.

Agents also found 164 pounds of abandoned marijuana yesterday morning.

All drugs were seized, and all arrested individuals will be submitted for prosecution per Yuma Sector guidelines.