WE NEED YOUR HELP! -Take action on AB 1313: The Overtime Bill


AB 1313 – The Overtime Bill will change agricultural employers’ overtime obligations to require payment of 1 1/2 times the employee’s regular rate of pay for hours worked after eight hours in any day or 40 hours in a week and double-time for hours worked after 12 hours in a day. Farmers cannot control nature, the weather or market conditions, and policymakers recognized this reality when they originally created the 10-hour workday for agriculture.

The legislature is ignoring the reality that California already has more restrictive and costly overtime laws than most agricultural states. This Bill also ignores the impact such requirements will have on farm workers, as farmers will likely avoid paying overtime by limiting worker hours and hiring more workers wherever possible to make up the difference. These changes could result in one-third reduction in the income of most agricultural workers during peak harvest season, forcing them to seek additional jobs.

Additional talking points are included in the attached document.

The Assembly will vote on AB 1313 as early as Tuesday and we need your voice to express how this legislation will impact your operation and more importantly, how it will negatively impact your employees.

We urge that you CALL & EMAIL  Assemblyman Manuel Perez TODAY.

Assemblyman Manuel Perez Contact Information:
Email: manuel.perez@asm.ca.gov
Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2080

-Sent via Linsey J. Dale Executive Director


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