Watkins Landmark to finish Radisson Hotel in Imperial



city of imperialImperial will finally get their long awaited hotel finished if the latest investors are able to continue on the course they set before the city council weeks ago. The Carlsbad-based Watkins Landmark Construction has been awarded the contract to complete the Imperial Radisson Hotel.

The hotel was erected, but not completed, several years ago. One of the major obstacles was getting water to the hotel, according to CEO of Imperial chamber, Robert Blakemore. Rights to run the water line through the proposed route were never secured.

“It is the same people doing the Radisson as are doing the Barbara Worth Hotel. They are Chinese investors,” said Blakemore.

Construction will commence by the end of the year with completion anticipated in the later part of 2016.
When completed, the Imperial Radisson Hotel will be a 4-story, 108-room hotel with an indoor swimming pool and restaurant.


Plans also call for a Starbucks and other retail components to be located on lots adjacent to the hotel on the northwest corner of Highway 86 and Neckel Road.


This is will be Watkins Landmark’s first project in the Imperial County area.


The Imperial Radisson Hotel will be the first of several commercial offices and retail buildings located within a master-planned, multiphase business park known as Imperial Center.


The site will consist of three additional future development sites totaling 10 acres available for build-to-suit or spec developments on four separate commercial lots ranging in size from 1.5 to 3.4 acres.


  1. Of course the owners would be Chinese. America has borrowed how many trillions of dollars and almost everything you buy is made in China (And is JUNK lasting months). When will our government AND people learn?

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