Water Worries


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We are in a drought. Duh! It is hard for me to notice since I live in a desert and I drive near canals all the time and watch crops getting watered.


Actually, things have been dry in the state for a long time. Over 24 years ago, at my 20th class reunion, the big topic for my friends up north was how they were being affected by little water. I just shrugged.


I am a water waster! I am confessing my sins but I want to become a water watcher, which is just a person who watches their water use so as to decrease it. This is not one of my goofy columns.


There are three solutions to water problems or drought. The first is raising the price of water. It is going up, not as fast for us, but all over the state, water bills are overflowing. The second solution is for us collectively to do a little that will in time amount to a lot. The last solution is for God to open up the floodgates here in the west and bless us with lots of rain.


I personally, am not relying on a mood swing from God because we continually do many things to make him mad. I will still pray for plenty, but this person is not holding his breath.


So, I am going to door number two, which is where I do my little to make the planet better. If many do a little, it adds up to a lot.


Here are a few ideas to cut back before someone does it for me. I washed my car this morning. First off, I pulled the car on to the grass. I haven’t done that in a long time. So I watered the grass, while I washed. I also whistled while I worked. The other things was wet car, turn off water. Soapy wash car, and turn on water and rinse, then turn off water. The actually washing with water took less than two minutes of water out of the hose.


I really didn’t have to work harder, just a little smarter.


After washing the car, my body was hot and sweaty and time to hit the shower. In the past, I would turn on the shower, brush my teeth and then get in. This time, I got in and turned on the water, got wet, turned it off, and soaped and shampooed my flabby physique (Aren’t you glad there are no pictures with this column!), and then rinsed. Rather than “wax on, wax off” like the “Karate Kid” I do “water on, water off” like the “Konservation Kid.”


Conservation is easy as turning a knob, whether inside the shower or outside with the hose.


This last strategy is more controversial. I learned it from my brother-in-law in North San Diego County where they have been doing water saving measures for years.


They also have had septic tank problems so they have decided to monitor their flushing, especially when the Shinns and others come to visit. The mantra at the in-law motel has been, “If it is yellow, let it mellow! If it’s brown, flush it down!”


I am not going to waste space discussing waste, but we can get through life with fewer flushes. As I thought about it, I don’t flush frequently at night since we don’t want to wake others, but “hello, it’s yellow!”


These are a few behavioral changes I/we are going to make. There are more technical changes like drip irrigation, changing showerheads, etc. Go to the hardware store or the Internet for those ideas.


Don’t worry about the water. Just try not to waste it!

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  1. Knock it off guys or I’m going to go back on the medication. You can hang around if you be quiet and quit writing stuff. Jim

  2. Hey. Jim didn’t want the pool or even to buy that house. We were all happy at the condo where there was a pool we didn’t have to maintain. The kids and the wife wanted the new (old house) with a pool. Jim’s just a people pleaser and he doesn’t have a spine. He always gives into the wife and kids. Signed Co-Dependent Karl, (Another one of the multiple personalities.)

  3. Jim is a big hypocrite! He has a swimming pool so he is a big water hog! He really doesn’t care about saving water or he would fill in the pool. Signed, Sammy the Snitch (one of Jim’s multiple personalities)

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