Water Quality Enforcer abused State Authority in Brawley

 letters to the editor

Did you know?

Hundreds of thousands of Brawley’s $1,000,000 fine from regional water quality were because the head enforcer abused his authority?

Did you know? Cease and desist orders are used by regional water quality to stop mandatory fines. Brawley had a cease and desist but was forced to pay fines anyway.

Did you know? Regional water quality gave Brawley another cease and desist later to fix the mistakes in the first one, but still charged Brawley for fines the first cease and desist should have stopped.

Did you know? The head regional water quality enforcer has no supervision.

Did you know? The regional water quality head enforcer inflates fines and then uses them to extort unaware towns like Brawley into agreeing to settlements?

Did you know? The same abuse of authority was being used against National Beef before they were forced into closing.

Did you know? The head regional water quality enforcer is responsible for all of this misconduct.

Did you know about any of this? You do now.

Don’t let him get away with this misuse of authority.

by: Theoncologist