Was Phil Full of It?


Phil Robertson is the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family that has done very well in sales of hunting stuff and those hunting for a good reality philseries. He recently made some anti-gay remarks and as a result, the A & E network, on which Duck Dynasty appears, gave him the boot. We will wait to see how everything plays out. I believe that Phil was just being honest, and in our country that is coming close to being defined as “hateful.” I hate the attack on free speech and I love GLBT folks.

I suspect you are a Charger fan. If you made disparaging comments, even vulgar ones about the Oakland Raiders, do you think you should lose your job over it? It would be absurd, unless, maybe if you worked for the Oakland Raiders. Well Phil doesn’t work for the GLBT network although A & E does have close ties to that small, but powerful interest group. When someone can get jailed, fired or their family harmed for free speech, that is not a good thing for our culture or country. He wasn’t yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. Our free speech, and other rights, is what our uniformed friends have died for. If you spoke against Stalin, Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Castro or other despots, the results would often be a gulag or the gallows.

When I was in college, I had gay roommates. I have had gay co-workers and worked well with them for over 20 years. I love them, and they loved me (I think). The GLBT is also part of my family tree, but I don’t want to cut off those branches. It is uncomfortable because we disagree. Just like my Arizona Cardinals and my grandson’s Philadelphia Eagles. We agree to disagree, and it is all good.

People may not like it, and it will not get you elected, but the Bible is clear about sin. In James 2:10, he (the brother of Jesus) writes “For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.” That is essentially what Phil said. If you steal a piece of gum, you are guilty of stealing your buddy’s wife!” It doesn’t make sense, unless you understand that the whole purpose of the Bible is to point out that you, whether you are Charger or Raider fan, are guilty of sin. That is the bad news. The good news is that God is a forgiving God. And he does forgive homosexuality, bestiality, adultery and other crimes against the body, and God.

I am not surprised at what happened, and I believe it was an ambush. There are zillions of Duck Dynasty lovers. I am not one of those. It doesn’t speak to me, other than the last 5 minutes. I love seeing prayer on TV. The rest of the show is lots of goofy stuff, but I get enough goofy in my daily routine. There are probably a lot of Duck Dynasty haters out there, just because there are a lot of people who are intolerant of Christians, or people who profess their faith publicly. Did I tell you, Merry Christmas!

This shotgun blast aimed at Phil came from an interview in the fine men’s clothing magazine, GQ (Gentleman’s Quarterly). Well, a couple of thoughts about that. Why would GQ interview any of the Duck Dynasty crew? They are the least fashionable stars on the planet!!! Also what does sin have to do with fashion? In the fashion industry, I believe there are many talented GLBT folks working and earning a living. No problem there. Asking a redneck, backwoods Christian, who is known to assert his religious rights about sin, is asking for a kick from the shot gun blast. Unfortunately, it is leading to someone getting kicked out of their job. I’m sorry but it’s a set-up.

In 2014, I encourage you to stand up, speak up and have your say. It is a free country, and what good are rights if you don’t use them. By the way, I am both a Charger and Raider fan! Now let me tell you about them Broncos. They are bunch of bleep, bleep, bleep! And Peyton Manning is a pig, a punk, a pervert, a porker and player! Now… I need to duck. I should have checked out if the owners of the Desert Review were Denver fans! Oh well. Merry Christmas and a Vocal New Year!

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