Jim_Shinn               My grandson was reading A Diary of a Wimpy Kid and I was glad to see him reading. I want him to read and read a lot. I worry a little about content, because I want him to be a warrior, not a wimp.


Wimping has become a national sport for Christian men. Yes, I am talking about you, Mr. Reader. It is the cultural influence telling us that Christians are better “seen not heard.” I lament the lack of writers for the faith in our local paper. I look in the pews on Sunday, and men don’t have to worry about getting too many splinters!

I attended a Promise Keepers  (PK) Men’s Conference recently in Phoenix where the theme was “Waking the Warrior.” Last year PK was in San Diego, and there were very few Valley men in attendance. We have our own “Man-Up Conference” but men need to be reminded who we are, and reminded frequently. Make no mistake; it won’t happen at the Boy Scouts! If you weren’t at Man-Up or PK, what was your excuse? Were you doing battle somewhere or did you wimp out!

Christian warriorWhen it comes to being a warrior, men need to be willing to wrestle with God’s will. If we want the blessing, we have to wrestle, like Jacob in Genesis 32. Wrestling means work. And if we are working, we have to spend time in the Word. A man who doesn’t spend time reading the Bible is like a man who doesn’t use the tools in his garage. The lawn, the car and the home will all fall in disrepair, and the person responsible is a wimp! If Christian men are not working, then they are cuddling up with the remote or the computer, or maybe just spending too much time at work, where they are wimping out and not building any treasures in heaven. Men in America are neglecting the family and the church. Too many are wimping out!

Men’s conferences remind us that real warriors worship. David, the warrior king, was a musician, a psalmist, and a dancer, all for God’s glory. Warriors put on the armor of God and they spend time together. It is a “We” experience. It is not good for man to be alone so we are commanded to not forsake fellowship with believers. That is so we can worship and we can see how warriors work. Being a warrior is a “We” effort. Iron sharpens iron, and no one should go to battle alone. If you are struggling with pornography, marital harmony, parenting, listen up, Timothy…”There is a Paul out there waiting to help you learn how to be a warrior.” Pride proceedeth the fall, and if you look down, there are wimps on the ground, and when they fall, they stay down. Warriors get up, but often need a helping hand. Watch any NBA basketball game and when one of those warriors falls, there are always two warriors wanting to help him up.

If you are a wimp, than that is your witness. Children are watching us to see if we are a warrior or a wimp, as well as other men and women. Your witness becomes your legacy. Do you pray with your wife? Do you pray with your family? Do you pray in public? If you don’t, you are not being the spiritual leader of the family God has called you to be. Praying with your wife daily, is “six minutes that can change your marriage!”

Warriors are wise. They don’t go to war without consulting a map, discussing the plan, or discussing how to be most effective. God gives wisdom to those who ask, but if you don’t ask you don’t get. Too many men think they are Lone Rangers, but that is a Hollywood fantasy and not God’s plan. God organized disciples and sent them out in pairs because He knows the best way to battle.

So you need to “Wake Up” the warrior inside you and bring him to the front lines of the battle- whether that is at the church, community, water cooler or letters to the editor column. Don’t get discouraged because we also have to wait on the Lord. The battle belongs to the Lord, but we are called to step up, not slink away! A warrior is a soldier who is obedient to his Commander. And a wimp is…., well, there is no need to tell you. Just look around, or look in the mirror!