Read Our Opinion: War is war.



ar is war.

Children will be hurt, and killed in war.

Why are people so naïve about this?

Why have we in our modern world here in America redefined the word WAR to not include death?

War today has come to mean no collateral damage. Precision bombings have given us an image of some surgical procedure. Indeed Sgt. Zacharias, one of my former McCabe third grade class’s pen pals of Desert Storm, sent us a declassified video from one of his runs as gunner on an Apache helicopter.

Blue and white night-time imagery showed a single building within a walled compound. A neighborhood stood nearby on either side of the walls. One moment we were looking at a blue rectangular window; the next moment – a speeding missile fired from our friend’s helicopter, entered the window and the building – was gone, literally gone.

The compound walls stood unharmed on the edge of the rising dust cloud. Not a mark on them it appeared. The residential buildings to either side, stood silently, unharmed.

That was years ago, nearly twenty-five years ago.

Such precision bombing undoubtedly has improved.

Drones are part of the arsenal now, and undoubtedly add to that improvement. So we expect this to occur repeatedly, this idea of the target only being hit – a building only, a building and enemy soldiers only, but, absolutely, no collateral damage. That is not allowed, at least in the mind of the public, in the mind of the social media, but not in the mind of the radical group Hamas.

So Israel responds, responds in retaliation to the hundreds of missiles hitting its land, indiscriminately, missiles without any guidance system, missiles that are extending further and further into the state of Israel, into communities without warning.

Run! It’s an incoming missile into our state! What will we do? 9-11 showed us what we would do. We attacked back. Liberal or conservative, attack was expected, wanted, voted for in Congress.

Maybe done correctly; maybe not. But if attacked again, we would again rally and respond – and attack back.

How can we expect Israel not to attack back? A cease fire is brokered by a third party, a third party that lives within the Middle East that has a vested interest. It was agreed to on that very day by Israel, but alas rejected by Hamas-controlled Gaza. Gaza. Where Hamas  deliberately locates their arsenal in a school building, beside a hospital, a residential area.

Surgical attacks? Israel can attempt them, but this is war. War literally means someone will be killed, and that someone may well be an innocent child – deliberately set in harm’s way.

War in modern language has been redefined – surgical, precision, no collateral damage, even no killing. We need a reality check. We need to understand, war in the Middle East, or one day here, is war.

War kills.